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Month: June 2017

Chamber of Commerce board selects new Executive Director

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has named Courtney Anderson its Executive Director. Chamber President Tyler Pray made the announcement late last week following an extensive search process. “We have spent the past two months undergoing a rigorous interview process, starting with over 20 candidates,” Pray said. “During this time, Courtney served in the roll of office assistant – a roll she expanded well beyond our expectations.  In her three months on the job, she has extended office hours, developed baseline programming for our members, built an ambassador program from scratch, instituted monthly mixers, been a driving force for Celebrate...

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Former Bellevue Township building to be purchased by Fruin Pharmacy

What constitutes a building as historic? This is a question on the mind of some Bellevue locals as Bellevue Township prepares to sell the former Bellevue Township building to Fruin Pharmacy. The township building, donated by Hastings City Bank, was built in the 1920s. Age isn’t the only thing the township is considering in its decision to move the location of its offices, however. Township clerk, Linda Franks, commented that there are many factors to consider in their decision. At the top of their list of growing concerns about the building is its ability to weather the climate. The...

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Cooper Rush visits home after first round of pro training

In May Cooper Rush started his initial NFL training after being drafted to the Dallas Cowboys. The draft was a big step for the recent graduate of Central Michigan University. Rush knew the Cowboys were going to be the best-fit team for him, and after his first weeks of initial training in Dallas, the merit of his decision was affirmed. “It’s been good so far,” said Rush. “It’s a lot of fun being part of that organization.” Rush was pleased by the welcome he and the other rookies received from the coaches, and other players as well. He immediately...

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Local support boosts annual Bellevue Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show

Wayne Root can’t help but feel a strong sense of pride in his community. The Bellevue Athletic Boosters Trustee sees how his community rallies together time and again to provide for its student athletes and is sometimes overwhelmed. “I’m so proud to be a part of Bellevue,” Root, who has served as the director of the Car Show the past two years, said. “We have 85 sponsors this year. We have six presenters who have each generously donated $500 to be a part of this event. I’m just stoked on the whole situation.” The Car Show, which is a...

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You Never Know Who’s Passing Through: Part 2

By: Adam Droscha Staff Writer   A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about James Leitner, a man in his mid 20’s who is walking east to west across the United States pulling 10 gallons of water behind him in a small cart. (If you haven’t read the first article, “You Never Know Who’s Passing Through,” I would recommend reading it to have a better idea of who James is, what he’s doing, and why I am writing about him.) James was on day 29 of his journey when I spoke to him at brewery in Kalamazoo....

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