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Month: September 2017

Candidate forum offers opportunity to get to know potential council members

An invitation has been extended to each candidate running for a seat on Charlotte’s City Council to attend a candidate forum on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 7 p.m., in the lower level of the Courthouse Museum. The forum is an opportunity for candidates to present themselves and their stance on local issues to local voters. Organized by former Charlotte High School teacher, Ben Phlegar, the forum has been designed more as a meet and greet than a debate. Each candidate will be given five minutes for opening statements, followed by questions from the audience. Once all candidates in a...

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Longtime resident compelled to play Charlotte’s colorful pianos

A light morning shower caused a few of the piano keys on the piano that resides outside of Windwalker Underground Gallery to stick. Only, you couldn’t really tell as 97-year-old Dorothy Osborn tickled the ivories to an old honky tonk song. Though the sticking keys were a minor cause of frustration, she never let it affect her playing. Dorothy, who grew up on the family farm just outside of Olivet, was making one last stop at the piano before heading to her winter home in Clearwater, Fla. She and her husband of 73 years, Marvin, come back to the...

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Country Mill allowed to return to East Lansing farmers market

The Country Mill, a favored local orchard, winery, and wedding venue in the Eaton County area, has been a hot topic in conversations of religious freedom, business, and LGBTQ discrimination for the last several months. When Steve Tennes, owner of the Country Mill, announced the reopening of the wedding venue side of the business with the exception of same-sex marriages, the City of East Lansing did not allow the favored vendor a spot at its farmers market. The Tenneses reluctantly decided to sue the City of East Lansing on the grounds of religious discrimination. A motion was filed to allow the Country Mill a place at the East Lansing farmers market while the case continues. Wednesday, Sept. 13 both sides made their arguments before federal district judge, Paul Maloney, and ultimately he sided with the Country Mill, thus allowing the business to return to the farmers market while the case continues. Judge Maloney released a written decision the following Friday, and the Country Mill was back at the East Lansing farmers market Sunday, Sept. 17. “We’re extremely happy the judge recognized the short window of harvest. We’ve already missed three and a half months of income at the largest farmers market we attend,” said Steve. The return to the East Lansing farmers market was met with both support and protest. Tennes noted the number of out-of-town buyers who drove...

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Morgan’s HUGS an inspiring charity for Eaton Rapids

Inspiring stories come from thousands of places. Everybody’s story is unique in its own way, but stories of people stepping out of their norm and comfort to help others are especially uplifting. They make us wonder how someone could give so sacrificially of themselves and be so centered on the needs of others. One story in Eaton Rapids is both inspiring and unexpected. Morgan Scarbro is 13 years old. She’s a student in Eaton Rapids, as well as a regular beauty pageant participant. She likes horses, spending time with friends, and other activities any normal teenager enjoys. But Morgan...

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Roll of Honor – World War II Stories and Profiles

The following is the first in a series relating to a special honors program celebrating World War II men and women from the greater Charlotte area. A program is appropriately scheduled for November 11, Veterans Day.  Recovered after 70 years, the Roll of Honor photos celebrate more than 500 veterans from the greater Charlotte area.   “You can’t tell a story of war without faces. Faces carry history.” Stephanie Zacharek, Time Magazine, July 31, 2017. Can you imagine finding 550 World War II veteran photographs that have been absent from public view for more than 70 years? Last fall...

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