Greg Adams, a Charlotte native, has owned Greg’s Carpet and Vehicle Services since 2006. He runs the business with his wife, Linda, and together they’re proud to offer high quality cleaning services to their hometown of Charlotte, and to the surrounding areas.

Greg’s legacy of quality started before he owned his own business. Greg’s father was the owner of the old roller rink in Charlotte, Adam’s Skating Center. According to Linda, locals still remember Greg everywhere he goes. People recall fond memories of his father’s business and recognize Greg as the kid who used to work at the rink.

It was in those early years that Greg learned the importance of cleaning. Greg did next to everything at Adams Skating Center, so of course his dad found reasons to make him clean. Greg didn’t mind though, even at a young age, and nowadays he loves what he does. Cleaning isn’t just his business, it’s his passion and his great skill.

“It’s what I love to do. ‘I’m a sucker for dirt,’” said Greg jokingly, referring to the license plate on the front of the company van.

“We’ve based the business on honesty, and total customer satisfaction,” said Linda.

Greg does all of the cleaning work himself, and has ample resources to get the job done. To stay competitive with larger cleaning companies, Greg’s goes the extra mile by offering pick up and delivery of detailed vehicles, and flexibility of work hours. It’s his flexibility and ability to accommodate customers that really sets Greg apart from other cleaning services. It’s also what keeps him very, very busy.

But the busyness and quality of service keeps Greg’s customers coming back time and time again. From people in need of a vehicle cleaning, to renters and landlords, to homeowners, repeat customers have become the lifeblood of Greg’s customer base. He services the Lansing area and, according to Linda, Greg also travels to Jackson, Nashville, and beyond.

While carpet cleaning and vehicle services is in the company name, Greg does a variety of cleaning jobs and tasks. He has special strategies for removing tough stains and deep dirt, and he works on everything from RV interiors to living rooms, and more. Odors, dirt, stains, and the like don’t stand a chance against Greg’s services, and he’s honest enough to tell customers if there’s something he can’t get out.

Greg has lived in Charlotte his entire life, and of the people who have come and gone to clean up the town, he has certainly done his part. Readers wanting to learn more about Greg’s Carpet and Vehicle Services can find the business online at, or on the Greg’s Carpet and Vehicle Services Facebook page. Greg’s can also be reached by phone at (517) 543-8642, or (517) 231-1613.