The beauty of summer is waning and soon the vibrant colors of fall will be ours to enjoy. As Michiganders, we seem to be strengthened by the change of seasons.

Larissa Krem believes this to be true.

“I have lived in this area most of my life,” she says, “and I am convinced that the uncertainty of Michigan’s weather has enabled folks who have had to weather storms in their lives cope just a bit better when change becomes inevitable.”

Larissa is Marketing Director at Sensations Memory Care Residence. She works with families who never dreamed they would ever have to find a home away from home for their loved ones. They never gave thought during the summer years of their lives that fall would bring uncertainty. Or, that they would have to winter through the tumultuous idea of turning the care of their spouse over to strangers.

“They don’t,” she smiled. “Our residents are never strangers. We love them like family.”

Sensations offers Long Term Care (permanent residency), Respite Care (a short-term stay), and Adult Day Care (a few hours at a time). It is licensed as a home for the aged — Alzheimer’s and dementia specific — with programming developed to allow residents to enjoy activities at their own level of ability. Days are filled with fitness, music, pet therapy and games.

“But what residents like best is when the preschoolers visit. Everyone is looking forward to Halloween at Sensations again this year. Candy is everywhere,” Larissa smiled. “The smiles on the faces of both age groups tell the story.”

Residents are offered on-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy, thanks to providers who work hand-in-hand with physicians, residents, and family members.

“We are proud of the quality of our healthcare providers. They support our own care by giving careful attention to our residents’ medical needs,” Larissa said.

Placing a mom or a dad, a husband or a wife is never easy. Consequently, Sensations takes pride in giving families peace of mind by making it safe, inviting, and homelike—inside and out! Attractive privacy fencing along Shepherd Street has become a landmark in Charlotte. Within its wrap-around security are spacious outdoor courtyards with meandering pathways and colorful gardens for everyone to enjoy.

The importance of quality care at Sensations cannot be disputed, but they know it needs to be affordable. That’s the beauty of having fees based on a level of care need, Larissa explains.

“I work closely with Tri-County Office on Aging to help ensure a person’s continued residency, should the need arise. And I’m happy to introduce families to the benefits that the VA affords a veteran or spouse. We are here to serve you and our surrounding community,” she adds.

Why not plan to make arrangements today and discover the benefits of letting Sensations do the care giving, so you can spend more time simply caring. CALL (517) 543-8101. Find them on their website at or go to FB @SMCRCharlotte for more information and sneak peeks.

Article submitted by B. M. White, Sensations Memory Care.