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Month: January 2018

Mayor Lewis in attendance as Governor Snyder praises Charlotte in State of the State

Not wanting to make assumptions, Charlotte Mayor Tim Lewis stepped forward Tuesday, Jan. 23 to reintroduce himself to Governor Rick Snyder during a private pre-State of the State address reception in the Governor’s office. After it all, it had been two months since the Governor congratulated Lewis and the Charlotte community on being the first graduate of his Project Rising Tide program. Lewis quickly learned, however, that Gov. Snyder was well aware of who he was. The praise Snyder gave the City of Charlotte during a Nov. 8 graduation ceremony, it turns out, was very genuine. “This is a...

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Bellevue, Maple Valley set to square off at Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit

There may not be a more anticipated regular season match-up between non-conference foes than the Feb. 14 showdown between Bellevue and Maple Valley girls varsity basketball teams. Oddly enough, it has little to do with the match-up on the court. This game has everything to do with where it’s taking place — Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit. Taking part in the Detroit Pistons’ Court of Dreams program, Bellevue and Maple Valley will tip off in the brand-new, state-of-the-art facility at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 14. “It’s an experience of a lifetime,” said Maple Valley athletic director Landon...

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START to bring art boxes to SIREN Shelter children

Recently Olivet High School fulfilled a technology grant by purchasing several hundred laptops. Leftover after the purchase were hundreds of carrier style laptop boxes. With the inspiration of her young daughter, Wendy Murray, media specialist and online mentor at Olivet High School, came up with an idea for the leftover boxes. In the next couple of weeks Murray, along with several high school students, will be leading the way to decorate and fill the hundreds of laptop boxes with art supplies. The boxes are to be distributed locally to children at the SIREN Eaton Shelter, as well as local...

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Helping Hands appeals to community

According to U.S. Census data, Eaton County and Macomb County are tied for the distinction of having the lowest poverty level of all the counties in Michigan (13 percent) and financial analysts tell us that our economy is the most robust it has been in 15 years. Yet, Helping Hands Food Pantry, located at 600 S. Cochran in Charlotte, received more than 5,300 household requests for food assistance in 2017, of which we honored with more than 500,000 pounds of food and personal care items. (That’s about 400,000 meals!) Many will question how so many people can be asking for help considering such rosy reports as mentioned in the previous paragraph. There are numerous reasons why a large number of people are struggling in such a time. Layoffs, divorce, deaths, injuries, medical debt, and low wage / low hour / no benefit jobs are all at the heart of most stories and we find that oftentimes people’s lives can be turned upside down even when seemingly proper decisions and choices have been made. The household requests mentioned above represent about 1,800 actual households, totaling more than 5,500 people, that sought assistance an average of three times during 2017, of which our records show consists of 37 percent children, 13 percent seniors, 40 percent disabled and 50 percent working at least part time. (35 percent of clients come just one...

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Island City Assisted Living resident turns 105

There’s a growing curiosity in many circles about what helps a person to live an extra long life. Is it good exercise? What a person eats? How a person engages their mind? Is it genetics? There are several schools of thought, but for Mildred Killian it was as simple as being kind to others and baking cakes … a lot of cakes. Mildred turned 105 years old on Jan. 8. She was born and raised in Appleton, Wisc., and later moved to Lansing with her husband, Peter. Mildred and Peter had five children together, and she now has 14...

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