Not wanting to make assumptions, Charlotte Mayor Tim Lewis stepped forward Tuesday, Jan. 23 to reintroduce himself to Governor Rick Snyder during a private pre-State of the State address reception in the Governor’s office. After it all, it had been two months since the Governor congratulated Lewis and the Charlotte community on being the first graduate of his Project Rising Tide program.

Lewis quickly learned, however, that Gov. Snyder was well aware of who he was. The praise Snyder gave the City of Charlotte during a Nov. 8 graduation ceremony, it turns out, was very genuine.

“This is a milestone we should celebrate, that the community should celebrate doing great things together. CharlotteRising is just an awesome program, and I know it goes with great pride in the community,” Snyder said in November.

He took time during his State of the State address to praise the Charlotte community one more time for its revitalization efforts in the last couple years.

“We were the only small city to be represented in this way,” Lewis said of the Governor’s comments. “It made for a real proud moment as Mayor of the City of Charlotte.”

Lewis was asked, along with the Mayor Karen Weaver of Flint and Mayor Dennis Duggan of Detroit, by the Governor to stand and be recognized during the speech.

“Receiving a standing ovation from the legislature was a real thrill,” Lewis said. “They were clapping for the efforts of the people of Charlotte.”

Lewis said he thinks the connection with the city and state is strong.

“It reinforced to me that the enthusiasm from CharlotteRising was something that he very much valued,” Lewis said of the Governor’s address. “From the very limited contact I’ve had with him, he gets excited when he sees progress, and he’s observed some major progress in Charlotte.”

Lewis said he attended the address in honor of all of the people in Charlotte who have worked diligently towards making the community a better place to live, work and play.

“I do think Charlotte was really spotlighted as a real leader in taking charge, and coming together to make a very positive impact in the region,” Lewis said.