Travis Silvas
Contributing Writer

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For nearly 24 years, Bryan Myrkle has worn many hats for the City of Charlotte all while operating as the city’s Community Development Director. On Monday, March 25, the Charlotte City Council recognized the many ways Myrkle has dedicated the majority of his professional career to his community through a special proclamation.

“With profound admiration and heartfelt appreciation, we honor his outstanding service and remarkable contributions to the City of Charlotte,” the proclamation reads in closing.

Myrkle is stepping down from his role with the city, which began in October of 2000, to take on the role of Village Manager of the Village of Paw Paw. His last day with the City of Charlotte is Tuesday, April 2.

“We have a family farm about 15 miles from the village, and it’s always been a longterm plan to move down there later in life,” Myrkle said. “When the opportunity came open with the Village of Paw Paw, the timing was right to make the move.”

Throughout his tenure, Myrkle’s presence has been felt throughout the greater business community. Not only has he worked diligently behind the scenes to attract business development and growth directly for the city, he has represented the city’s interests as an active member of organizations such as CanDo! and CharlotteRising.

“Mr. Myrkle’s unwavering integrity, dedication, and loyalty have been the bedrock of his service to the City and the Charlotte community, embodying the very spirit of public service,” the proclamation states.

Myrkle pointed to a couple of projects he collaborated on that he can look back on with pride. The renovation of Beach Market is a high-profile project in the city in which he worked closely with the Friends of the Charlotte Lions Club and Friends of Charlotte Rotary Club. Less known is a brownfield project on the north end of town that he helped clean up.

“That took a lot of effort to get the pieces to fall in place,” Myrkle said of the brownfield project.

“There’s always things you look back on and wish you could have done, but that’s because there is so much opportunity here,” he said.
Mayor Tim Lewis said Myrkle has been an integral part of the city’s success over the years.

“His dedication, thorough leadership and outstanding ability to look forward at possibilities are really unmatched,” Lewis said. “It will take a significant staff member to replace him. The next person will shave some really big shoes to fill.”
Myrkle said he is confident the city will continue to move forward.

“There are tons of people in Charlotte working hard to make this a great place,” he said. “I know Charlotte has been here for 150 years and is going to be here another 150 more. Charlotte has been a great town for me and my family.”