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Month: January 2018

Assistant fire chief retires after 30 years of service

Saturday, Jan. 20, family, friends, colleagues, and coworkers gathered at Red Ribbon Hall in Eaton Rapids to honor Kim Freer for his three decades of service with the Eaton Rapids fire department. More than 100 people arrived to give their thanks and congratulations to Kim as he retired from his post. Kim grew up in Eaton Rapids, and joined the fire department in 1987. His brother, Richard Freer, was fire chief at the time. Kim was already working for the city when he joined, and had some knowledge of the duties from being around his brother and working on...

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Oriole backcourt leads Charlotte to first win of the season

Charlotte senior Cam Ramos attacked the hoop with consistency, and his backcourt running mate, Justin Bates got it going from deep early on Tuesday, Jan. 16. The two combined for 38 points in leading the Orioles to their first win of the season. Charlotte dropped cross-town rival Eaton Rapids 59-46 in a non-conference match up in front of the home crowd. With the win, the Orioles improve to 1-7 on the season, while Eaton Rapids falls to 5-5 on the season. The two teams battled back and forth early in the game, neither able to seize control. The Orioles...

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What’s your place?

It’s a new year, and 2018 so far has me thinking a lot about “place;” what it means to have a place, what defines a place, how to create a place. I made a few New Years resolutions; drink less coffee, read more books, play more music, and a few similar goals. One of the more abstract resolutions, however, is to define my place. Some community projects got me thinking this way. Toward the end of 2017 community organizers from Eaton Rapids started meeting with representatives from Arts Council of Greater Lansing for Create Place events. These small meetings were intended to get people thinking and talking about what defines Eaton Rapids. Similarly, Charlotte’s Rising Tide and Michigan Main Street programs have pushed community organizers to define some of Charlotte’s citizen driven goals; “What businesses do we want here?” “What kind of art should define us?” “What will attract outsiders to our town?” Looking across the state we’ve seen in the last several years how many state goals were driven by Pure Michigan, seeing what is special about our place and elevating those for outsiders to see. Right now Detroit is trying to redefine its place and its role in the state by investing, adding new attractions, and making a place for new people to flourish. Creating place is an interesting concept. In many ways it’s perception driven, both...

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City intervenes on behalf of residents at Edgewater Apartments

2018 brought a rough start to the New Year for some of the residents of Edgewater Apartments in Eaton Rapids. The complex that sits on the river started experiencing loss of hot water and reasonable living temperatures in December. Some 30 or so of the roughly 60 rented apartments experienced a loss of hot water, or heat. After several attempts to reach the company that owns the building, a formal complaint was filed to the city January 2. Harvest Properties, a company with headquarters in Connecticut, owns Edgewater Apartments, along with other properties in different states. According to Mayor Paul Malewski, the last several weeks have been a series of failed communication and action on the part of Harvest Properties. The company’s onsite leasing agent attempted to contact the company with little to no success. LeRoy Hummel, the City of Eaton Rapids’ building official, intervened and an inspector was brought on site. According to Malewski, Jan. 5 to 7 was spent trying to restore heat for residents. A significant amount of time was spent inspecting boilers, ordering parts, and making adjustments that would get residents back to appropriate comfort. By Jan. 11 and 12 it seemed as though the issues were resolved. Then, over the weekend, the problems were back to square one. “Over the weekend everything crashed,” said Malewski. Apparently it’s the same 30 or so residents who...

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I like many breakfast places, but Robin’s Nest is the place for cinnamon rolls

I can’t lie, one of my favorite perks of my job is visiting restaurants. Working remotely, conducting interviews, and experiencing the different tastes of Eaton County makes the occasional extended drive worthwhile. Each of these establishments has its own stories and highlights. Of course there are crossovers in menus, though every place makes eggs, pancakes, and burgers slightly different. But there’s only one place to go to for the best cinnamon roles. Robin’s Nest is a small diner off the main beaten path of Eaton Rapids. Robin Wood opened the restaurant 20 years ago after many years in food...

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