I can’t lie, one of my favorite perks of my job is visiting restaurants. Working remotely, conducting interviews, and experiencing the different tastes of Eaton County makes the occasional extended drive worthwhile. Each of these establishments has its own stories and highlights. Of course there are crossovers in menus, though every place makes eggs, pancakes, and burgers slightly different. But there’s only one place to go to for the best cinnamon roles.

Robin’s Nest is a small diner off the main beaten path of Eaton Rapids. Robin Wood opened the restaurant 20 years ago after many years in food service. With an extensive menu of classic American fare, the eatery is a sought after place primarily for breakfast and lunch. Robin’s Nest offers specials like all you can eat spaghetti, fish fries during the season of Lent, and senior meals.

But one of the menu highlights of Robin’s Nest is inarguably the house made cinnamon rolls. The sweet treats that come as big as a medium sized dinner plate are baked just enough to be hot and firm, yet soft in the middle. They’re filling, delicious, and well above average quality in the realm of breakfast desserts.

There’s always a place for the savory foods in a breakfast meal, but every now and then a craving hits for a pastry bigger than your hand, smothered in enough frosting to feed a small village. Robin’s Nest is the place in Eaton Rapids to fill that craving.

“My favorite part is seeing people coming in and thanking me for a good meal,” said Robin. “I’m excited when people come in here to eat. I care about people, and I like to feed them.”

The massive cinnamon rolls of Robin’s Nest are some of Robin’s pride and joy of owning her own restaurant. They’re one of her bragging rights, her special gift to her community. Everyone has bragged at one time or another about his or her mother’s or grandmother’s baking, but only a handful of mother and grandmothers like Robin have the privilege of sharing their delightful treats with an entire town.

There’s something particularly special about a morning dessert that wakes us up, calms the nerves, and makes us feel at home wherever we are. More than just feeding customers, Robin hopes to make customers feel at home. Biting into a warm cinnamon roll too large for the average human mouth can place the loneliest person back into a grandmother’s kitchen, and leave them feeling warm hours after the last bite.

I enjoy a lot of restaurants and breakfasts around Eaton County and beyond. I like to think by now I have a well-rounded palate local eateries, and I certainly have regular stops for personal enjoyment and social outings. But when it’s a cold morning in Eaton Rapids and I need to taste hot, soft dough and frosting, you’ll find me making a quick trip out of downtown to order a single cinnamon roll at Robin’s Nest.

To learn more about Robin’s Nest, readers can visit the Robin’s Nest Facebook page, or call (517) 663-9801.