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Month: June 2018

City of Charlotte’s 2018-19 budget shows an investment in revitalizing downtown

Such a great emphasis has been placed on the revitalization of downtown Charlotte by a number of local organizations. On Tuesday, May 29, Charlotte City Council showed its interest in partnering with community members, organizations and businesses in those efforts by adopting a budget that demonstrates its willingness to partner in revitalization efforts. “With this budget, we were really looking at two major themes,” said Mayor Tim Lewis. “One is the continuation in the investment in downtown. We want to be in partnership with the organizations and businesses downtown. The other is very significant in our emphasis on infrastructure projects.” Chief among the downtown projects slated to fall under the fiscal year 2018-19 budget is the proposed pocket park. The projected cost of the project is $215,000. The council’s adopted budget includes a maximum of $140,000 from city funds for the park. The remaining money is expected to come from a number of grant sources. “This is so much bigger than just a park,” Lewis said. “To people coming into the community, it adds attractiveness to downtown. It also allows people in the community to see a real change and growth in their downtown. That draws people to the community.” The city has set aside $15,000 for an M-50 Traffic Impact Analysis, which is the first step in any future plans the city has to calm traffic on Cochran...

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Remembering Reverend Timothy Olson

For the many who may not have heard, Rev. Timothy Olson, pastor of First Lutheran Church of Charlotte, died unexpectedly the morning of Wednesday, May 29. His death was a result of a car accident, and the shock of the news spread quickly among family, close friends, congregants and churchgoers, and a community that recognized him as an upstanding family man and follower of Christ. Timothy, or Tim, as many called him, brought his family to Charlotte several years ago so he could fill the pastorate at First Lutheran Church. His wife, Chris, two daughters, Rebekah and Rachel, and...

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Eaton Rapids Middle School receives Dart Foundation Grant

During spring break of 2018, Eaton Rapids Public Schools got some good news. After a lengthy process of researching and grant writing, the Dart Foundation selected Eaton Rapids to be the recipient of a $125,000 grant. The money will be used to implement a science and technology curriculum called IQWST (Investigating and Questioning the World through Science and Technology). Dart Foundation Manager Emily Matthews approached the Eaton Rapids school board in spring of 2017. According to Superintendent Bill DeFrance, the foundation was looking to expand its grant opportunities for local schools. “The foundation approached us. That says a lot...

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Birthday reflection

This weekend I turn 25. Honestly, and I mean this with all seriousness, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me. Despite the value I generally place in milestones, seasons of the year, and the various points of the Christian calendar, my birthday rarely reaches the top of the list of high points in my year. My birthday celebrations, especially after crossing the 18-year mark, are usually very tame. A dinner outing with the family is a given, Grandma always sends a card with a gratefully accepted check, and sometimes one of the boys will buy me a beer. This year I’m going camping with some close friends in Pure Michigan. Celebrations aside, I’m always thankful for another year of life, but this year the thankfulness is more so focused on contemplative reflection and hope for the next years. If I’m being honest, I’ve felt like a 21 year old for the last four years. Many things have changed since then, certainly, but only in the last year and a half or so have I felt like I’ve aged. At 25 I finally feel like a man, like I’ve seen some things and experienced just enough to feel “wise,” or at least possess some level of life wisdom anyway. But, as so many people experience, the older I get and the more I learn, the less...

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The ER ‘Hounds 9th grade boys repeat as AYBT May Madness State Champions

The Eaton Rapids 9th grade boys basketball team recently won their second consecutive, and third overall, AYBT State Championship by coming out on top in the AYBT May Madness State tournament held at Morey Courts in Mt. Pleasant over Memorial Day weekend. The team of ERHS ninth graders were the only school-based team in the tournament and defeated several AAU/Travel teams in route to a weekend record of 5-1. The Greyhounds began pool play on Saturday, May 25 by defeating the Jackson Jets 40-33. Game two later that day was a 46-24 win over the host Championship Sports/Morey Court team. Pool play...

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