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Month: July 2019

Longtime Fair Board member renews vows on Merry Go Round

Theo Savage is one of those familiar faces you always see at the Eaton County Fair. To some it may seem like he’s been around forever, and for all intents and purposes, he has. Savage participated this past week in his 34th Eaton County Fair as a member of the Fair Board. Someone who’s been around so long, it’s rare to see something new. That is, unless you are the one creating the new experience. Theo was the mastermind behind the plan for several longtime Fair Board members to renew their vows at this year’s event. Planned to take...

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Council tables decision on water and sewer rate increase

Charlotte City Council was not ready to finalize any increase to the city’s water and sewer rates Monday, July 8, instead choosing to table the decision until its July 22 meeting. Until then, council directed City Manager Gregg Guetschow and DPW Director Amy Gilson to study the impact of an increase smaller than the 11 percent discussed at the July 8 meeting. Councilman Branden Dyer, who made the motion to table the decision, said the city examines its rate structure each year and he would like to see what impact a smaller rate increase would have on the water and sewer fund. “I wanted to get more information from Amy [Gilson] before going forward,” Dyer said. “I don’t feel we necessarily need to see a high increase this year. I have no desire to delay this decision indefinitely, but would like to see what a lower rate would look like.” Dyer said smaller increases could be made annually. The city has not raised rates since 2015. Guetschow’s initial proposal to council was a 22 percent increase in water and sewer rates that would take effect all this year. Council rejected the 22 percent increase, preferring instead to study and discuss an 11 percent increase over the course of the next two fiscal years.  “I would be terribly uncomfortable with anything under 11 percent,” said Mayor Tim Lewis. “We’re talking...

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New Potterville High School boys varsity basketball coach sets first camp

Newly hired Potterville High School boys varsity basketball coach, Jacob Briney, and his entire coaching staff, is offering a four-day basketball camp for area youth in second through 12th grade. The camp will be held four consecutive Sundays beginning July 21 in the Potterville High School gymnasium. Students entering ninth through 12th grade will attend from 2 to 4 p.m. July 21, July 28, Aug. 4 and Aug. 11. Students entering sixth through eighth grade will attend from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and students entering second through fifth grade will attend from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The cost of the...

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Mary’s Gourmet Ears may have made final stop at Eaton County Fair

Elephant ears are synonymous with carnivals, festivals and fairs. The fried, sugary confection, if prepared right, practically melts in your mouth. There may not be a more sought after elephant ear in Eaton County than the homemade ears sold by Mary Stalhood, who for the past 40 years has served up the tasty treat at Mary’s Gourmet Ears at the Eaton County Fair. Always in the same location — a few hundred feet from the 4-H show rings — Mary’s Gourmet Ears have been a staple of the Eaton County Fair. Sadly, Mary said this week that this year...

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Young man in a hurry

Douglas M. Hoy Contributing Writer A mother, witnessing an accident with her son at the wheel, immediately leaps to her feet and runs full bore to the site of the wreck. She makes it there in record time. Her 11-year-old son, Caiden is being pulled out of the car, his racecar. Much damage had been done to the frame.  Undaunted, there was a big smile on Caiden’s face as he mandatorily walked to the ambulance for a checkup.  This accident was not typical, in fact quite rare. Actually it was young Caiden Bailey’s first real crash in his burgeoning...

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