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Author: Adam Droscha

Kevin Robydek the new superintendent of Potterville Public Schools

The Potterville school board was hard at work for several months trying to find a suitable person to fill the role of superintendent. Timothy Pillar was brought on as the interim superintendent, but in March the school board had selected a list of candidates and prepared for open interviews. By April, the board had narrowed down the list to two candidates, one of whom was Kevin Robydek, who started in his role as superintendent July 1. Robydek came to Potterville from Portland Public Schools where he served the last five years as principal of Portland Middle School. For the last 10 years Robydek worked in education, not only as principal, but also as a special education teacher, a coach, and briefly as an assistant principal. Prior to his experience in education, Robydek was a social worker in detention centers and residential treatment programs. Although he originally sought to be a social worker because of his own background in the foster care system, he always hoped and planned to become a teacher. “I always had a dream of being a teacher,” said Robydek. “I wanted to get into a school setting and connect with kids at a different level.” Robydek finally decided to make his move and worked on his teaching degree, earning his masters from Aquinas College. Beyond simply teaching, however, Robydek thought he’d eventually go into administrative work....

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Primary candidate listings for Eaton County voters

Election cycles can be difficult to navigate. Not all voters closely follow local politics, and even those who do don’t always fall into the straight Republican and Democrat categories. Primary elections can be even more difficult to navigate due to multiple options in each party. In Michigan, primary voters can only choose from either the Republican and Democratic ticket. Those hoping to vote in the Aug. 7 primary need to be registered, but should also know who and what they’re voting for. The following is only a surface level view of the candidates on the Eaton County primary ballot. Readers are encouraged to only start with this information and do more digging into each candidate online, or by contacting candidates themselves. At the county level, there are contentious races in 11 of the 15 county districts, and only five of those districts have more than one candidate running from the same party. For the open seat in District 1, there are two candidates running from the Republican Party, Tim Barnes and Sheri Forell. Rob Piercefield is running as a Democrat. District 10 also has two Republicans, incumbent Roger Eakin and Lynn Forell, running for the commissioner seat, and Matthew Bowen is running as a Democrat. In District 11 there are only two Republicans running for the seat — incumbent Wayne Ridge and challenger, Rick Waara. District 13 has two...

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Visit Vermontville Day back for third year

Vermontville is a village known for many things. One of those things is its annual Syrup Festival, which attracts locals, as well as visitors from all over the state. The Syrup Festival is a classic Vermontville celebration and community get together, but some village residents were concerned there wasn’t enough community celebrating during the rest of the year. Three years ago a group from the Vermontville United Methodist Church came together to organize Visit Vermontville Day, a weekend dedicated to a summer celebration of the village. Since the recent closing of the church, the group of organizers has carried on, still committed to providing more opportunities for the community to come together. The 2018 Visit Vermontville Day is set for Saturday, Aug. 4. The day will be filled with family friendly activities and events, according to event organizer Lois Hammonds. The day begins with a community breakfast at the First Congregational Church from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. The day unfolds from there with the Dennis Rodeman 5K Run at 10 a.m., the volunteer fire department waterball tournament at 10:30 a.m., a village meet and greet with free hotdogs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., kids pedal tractor pull at 1 p.m., a cornhole tournament from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and a car cruise in and street dance from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Those are only some...

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Potterville to Celebrate 150th Anniversary

Much of history belongs to the past. Only the greatest of events, people, and places will live on in memory. Even so, remembering the legacy of people and time gone by is an essential part of the human condition. Potterville Michigan may not be the biggest, grandest town in the state, the country, or the world, but it has a history and a story all its own. Saturday, July 28, residents of Potterville and the surrounding areas will have the opportunity to celebrate 150 years of the life of Potterville with memorial tributes, music, games, and much more. Saturday...

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Olivet Fireman’s Festival to take place July 27 and 28

Fire departments are not always in the forefront of people’s minds. They’re often in the background, staying silent and waiting until a community’s next emergency. They don’t patrol, or stop people on the street, or make social media movements for the good work they do in keeping the public safe. They wait, they gear up, and they go when they’re needed, but they’re presence can be the defining factor in emergencies of many kinds. The town of Olivet is one place that doesn’t forget the brave work of its fire department. Indeed, Olivet has chosen its fire department to...

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