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Author: Adam Droscha

P&K RV has advice for winterizing trailers and RVs

It’s been a successful year of sales at P&K RV. The regular hustle and bustle of the spring season brought new and old customers back to the Eaton Rapids business for trailers and RVs. 2017 is settling down to be a fairly regular, steady year, according to owner George Chemacki. As another year winds down, however, that means 2018 will be here before we know it, and P&K is preparing for another RV show at the MSU Pavilion. The end of the year also means it’s time to winterize campers and RVs. Chemacki and Dave Pennell, owners of P&K...

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Maple Valley pole vaulting coach to open new practice facility

Jerry Sessions, a longtime pole vaulting coach for Maple Valley and surrounding areas, has broken ground and laid foundations for a new  practice facility for local pole vaulters. Sessions has coached pole-vaulting at Maple Valley for nearly 30 years. He’s seen many success stories during his years coaching. Many of his students have gone to pole vault in college, become coaches themselves, and a few have even made it to the Olympics. Sessions is the founder and owner of Landon Athletics, his personal training and coaching services. Through his business, Sessions coaches athletes from Maple Valley, Harper Creek, Lansing, Potterville, Cedar Springs, and even Indiana. In a given year Sessions estimates he’ll coach 50 to 60 athletes. The time has come, however, where the limited space of the Maple Valley gymnasium is no longer suitable for the needs of his athletes. They don’t have enough running space, and Sessions would rather have his own facility for his business. Sessions’ pole-vaulting facility will be 175 feet long, 60 feet wide, and will have 27-foot high ceilings. The space will be ideal for athletes who want to push themselves and train for bigger and better things, according to Sessions. “I’ve had athletes who wanted to jump elite,” said Sessions. “I have all the equipment to do what I wanted to do, I just needed the building.” While his clientele and coaching...

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9-1-1 surcharge on the Nov. ballot: What readers should know

On the November ballot for Eaton County residents will be the proposal for a surcharge of up to $1.75 a month on all phone lines or devices capable of calling 9-1-1 in Eaton County. The purpose of the surcharge is to cover the cost of new radio systems for all emergency responders. Presentations about the ballot item were given to at least two city councils in Eaton County Monday, Oct. 23. Eaton County’s Central Dispatch director, Michael Armitage, gave a presentation before the Charlotte City Council, and deputy director, Lara O’Brien, presented to the Eaton Rapids City Council. The emergency radio system used for all of Eaton County’s emergency responders is well out of date. The system is more than 40 years old and has a number of weaknesses that are hampering responders’ ability to perform their jobs effectively. Radios connected to the system are known to lose reception in a variety of buildings, there are recurring problems with frequency overlap and interference between Eaton and Ingham Counties and even Chicago, and it is far easier for citizens to tap into the radio frequencies of emergency responders. According to O’Brien, replacement parts for the current system will no longer be in production after 2018. The list of issues with the decades old system goes on. Counties across the state have been moving to updated, digital radio systems that almost...

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Olivet Bands receive top ratings and placements in competitions

Saturday, Oct. 7 was a chaotic, wet, and triumphant day for the Olivet High School marching band. According to band director Dave Funk, the roughly 100-student band weathered (no pun intended) storms, a bus breaking down, and no warm up before the Vicksburg Invitational. The band arrived, performed, left, and then unloaded their equipment in the rain. Challenges aside, the band was outstanding. The Olivet marching band scored a 90, won every caption of the competition, and took first place in their class C division. What’s more is this year was the band’s first time attending the Vicksburg Invitational. Like a battle hardened troop the band arrived to the festival, kicked butt, and left. (Mic drop) “The kids did a great job, and I was proud of how they handled the adversity of the day,” said Funk. He was humbly impressed with his students. They acted and performed professionally through all of the day’s obstacles, and he believes they’re as ready as they can be for their next and final competition of the season. Saturday, Oct. 21 the Olivet marching band is participating in a marching festival at East Kentwood High School. Olivet has attended the East Kentwood festival for several years, and every couple of years they step up their game. According to Funk, Olivet is one of the only bands of their size in the Class A...

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Place making meeting sparks Eaton Rapids’ creativity

Monday, Oct. 16 members of the Eaton Rapids Arts Council, city employees, local business owners, and Eaton Rapids creatives gathered in the city council chambers at City Hall to participate in a presentation from the Greater Lansing Arts Council. “Creating Place” was an opportunity to learn about how the Greater Lansing Arts Council rejuvenated Old Town Lansing, what they’re still doing to bring artistic life to the Lansing area, and how Eaton Rapids can breathe life into the community through art. About 20 people from Eaton Rapids listened to the presentation from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and...

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