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Author: Adam Droscha

I like many breakfast places, but Robin’s Nest is the place for cinnamon rolls

I can’t lie, one of my favorite perks of my job is visiting restaurants. Working remotely, conducting interviews, and experiencing the different tastes of Eaton County makes the occasional extended drive worthwhile. Each of these establishments has its own stories and highlights. Of course there are crossovers in menus, though every place makes eggs, pancakes, and burgers slightly different. But there’s only one place to go to for the best cinnamon roles. Robin’s Nest is a small diner off the main beaten path of Eaton Rapids. Robin Wood opened the restaurant 20 years ago after many years in food...

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City of Potterville appeals Benton Township case to State Supreme Court

The dispute over which fire department responds first to Potterville Public Schools continues after the outgoing Potterville City Council approved a decision to make an appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court. This move from the City of Potterville comes after the State Court of Appeals stood mute on a first appeal, essentially siding with the county’s decision to allow Benton Township Fire Department to respond first. Potterville City Manager, Wanda Darrow said she believes appealing the case to the Michigan Supreme Court is a necessary and justified move based on information from the city’s legal counsel. “It was a decision made amongst the council members based on information from our legal counsel,” said Darrow. The council decision was made in closed session in one of the last council meetings of the year, and the last of the outgoing council. “This is to allow us to be able to serve our community,” said Darrow. Darrow comes down on one simple side of the issue, that it doesn’t seem reasonable to allow another department to “enter into our jurisdiction and take over calls.” “I was disappointed to say the least,” said Roger Wickerham, Benton Township supervisor. “We’re hoping the new council will bring it up and dismiss it. We’re trying to get along and be good neighbors.” City officials reportedly sat down with the fire chiefs of Benton Township Fire Department...

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‘Spirits of The Past’ chronicles Eaton County’s history of alcohol

Just before Christmas, the Eaton County Historical Commission released its second book chronicling an interesting facet of county history. The commission’s first book was about the one-room schoolhouses of Eaton County. The second book, “Sprits of The Past,” offers, “An intoxicating look at the history of Alcohol, Temperance, Prohibition, and Brewing in Eaton County, Michigan.” The roughly 108-page book is seven chapters of county history, old and new alcohol establishments, and different uses for libations through the generations. The Historical Commission started work on the project in early 2017. The lengthy research process involved reading through old newspapers, visiting various sites around the county, and viewing sources from outside Eaton County. All of the research led the contributing writers through a fascinating history of prohibition, skirting around the law, and the attempts to keep Eaton County dry. During the mid-1800s, Eaton Rapids was the center of both debauchery and hardline temperance movement. In Woodbury was a train engine turn around station, where men would ride in from outside the county to fill their buckets full of beer. In 1871 Charlotte was home to one of Eaton County’s first breweries. In Eaton Rapids, Abie’s is the former home of Eaton County’s first bar. The research for the book was not easy for the Historical Commission, however. While the contributors found many fascinating stories and accounts of alcohol production, they were...

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Aron Dubois, new director for Eaton Rapids Teen Center

When the Eaton Rapids Community Alliance decided it was time for a Eaton Rapids to have its own teen center, they knew they needed to set goals. The goals included gathering teen interest, surveying the needs and desires of local teens, finding a location, and hiring a director for a future center. At the end of 2017, after accomplishing several other goals, it finally came time to hire a director. As of the first week of 2018, the final goal of hiring a teen center director was achieved with the hiring of Aron Dubois. A 2011 graduate of Eaton Rapids High School, Dubois is an Eaton Rapids native. After graduating high school, he’s studied at LCC, Grand Valley State University, and taught English in Japan. Dubois currently resides in Ann Arbor with his wife Hilari. “I find the journey always leads back to home,” Dubois said about returning to Eaton Rapids. Dubois recalled his own teen years growing up in Eaton Rapids. He remembers teachers, activities, and the opportunities he found in the Island City. There was, however, an absence for teens. A place where they could be away from home, and school, and social groups to engage in their own creative projects and self-education. In stepping into the new role at the Teen Center, he hopes to provide Eaton Rapids teens a place he would have sought out...

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Teens Against Homelessness provide essential items for Lansing area homeless

Saturday, Jan. 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Lansing area homeless will have the opportunity to visit Maple Grove Baptist Church to freely select clothing, toiletry, and hygiene items that were collected by Teens Against Homelessness. Three high school students who discovered their desire to make a tangible impact on homelessness started the group and planned the event all on their own, and on an entirely volunteer basis. Brittany Vergason, Abby Osborn, and Alexis Dansby are three high school students who are duel enrolled at Lansing Community College through Eaton Regional Education Service Agency. Brittany and Abby attend...

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