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Author: Adam Droscha

Dimes Brewhouse set to open December 21

After attending college in Grand Rapids, I became something of a beer snob. Grand Rapids has dozens of craft breweries, so the coming of legal drinking age was marked by outings to the finest breweries Michigan has to offer. But, being a beer snob doesn’t make one a connoisseur, it just makes that person annoying to drink with. Moving back home, however, opened my eyes to the creativity of more local craft breweries. The Eaton Pub has its own brews with Charlotte Brewing Company. Along with some friends, I became a mug club member at Eagle Monk, a small...

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Potterville student council hosts annual chamber luncheon

Several members of the Potterville Area Chamber of Businesses met at Potterville High School on Wednesday, Dec. 6 for a luncheon with the Potterville student council. Directed by Jaimee Dorian, the students entertained the chamber members with conversation, food, and a mixed meeting of student council and chamber businesses. The luncheon has become a favorite event for both the chamber and the student council. The Potterville Area Chamber of Businesses is a regular supporter of the student council, for which Dorian and her student government body are very thankful. Student leaders stood up at the beginning of the lunch...

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First Baptist Church of Bellevue to open North End outreach center

First Baptist Church of Bellevue will soon have a new outreach building to offer the Bellevue community. The North End, a former church and daycare center located directly across Main Street from Washington Park, will open its doors in January. FBC has been working on the building for the last couple of years. With a nearly finished project and an outlined vision for one demographic of Bellevue, The North End is something the church highly anticipates presenting to the village. Luke Julian is the new youth pastor at FBC. After taking the position about six months ago, he joined...

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Charlotte Community Library hosts Tom Barrett for coffee hour

To a conference room of about 20 people, State Representative Tom Barrett of Michigan’s 71st district held a coffee hour at the Charlotte Community Library. During the event Barrett fielded questions on a number of topics about his district and about issues in the state and country as a whole. As is his style, Barrett didn’t have a hard stop to the coffee hour, ensuring everyone who wanted to voice a concern or a question had the opportunity. Some of the topics covered during the coffee hour included the protection for the Great Lakes, state senate bills to change...

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Evelyn Calogero welcomes new attorneys

Evelyn Calogero has practiced law since 1991. A graduate of Temple University and Cooley Law School, Calogero has extensive experience in family counseling and welfare, child protection, and more. She’s been Olivet’s hometown lawyer for many years, using her background with family law to help families from all around the surrounding area. Her practice goes well beyond family law, however, and with her new attorneys fresh out of law school the expertise of her office has strengthened dramatically. Melanie Smith is a newly admitted attorney who attended Michigan State University Law School. Smith came to work for Calogero in 2016 as a third year law student. “I knew Mel would be a good fit over here because of her work in childcare,” said Calogero. Although Smith desires to focus almost exclusively on working with families and children, the extent of her knowledge and experience has grown while working for Calogero. Jaclyn Kaminski is another of Calogero’s newly admitted attorneys, and she is also a graduate of MSU’s law school. Kaminski is a diverse asset for the Olivet law office. She has focused on such areas such as intellectual property law and estate planning. Newly settled in Charlotte, Kaminski chose to work for Calogero because of her wealth of knowledge, communication style, and the diversity of cases that come to her general law practice. “Evelyn is really smart and straightforward,”...

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