Several members of the Potterville Area Chamber of Businesses met at Potterville High School on Wednesday, Dec. 6 for a luncheon with the Potterville student council. Directed by Jaimee Dorian, the students entertained the chamber members with conversation, food, and a mixed meeting of student council and chamber businesses.

The luncheon has become a favorite event for both the chamber and the student council. The Potterville Area Chamber of Businesses is a regular supporter of the student council, for which Dorian and her student government body are very thankful. Student leaders stood up at the beginning of the lunch to present their thanks and recognition for all the chamber has helped them accomplish.

Ron Kline, chamber president, expressed his own sincere thanks to the student council for being leaders in their community.

“You help bridge the whole community,” said Kline.

After the exchange of gratitude, the chamber conducted a regular meeting, going over budgets, opportunities for giving during the Christmas season, and answering questions from the students. Kline made sure to provide the student council with fun facts about Potterville area businesses and functions that the chamber serves. He talked about how 21st Century Plastics has made stadium seating for some of the country’s largest arenas, how the Potterville McDonald’s is one of the top selling McDonald’s in the state, and how the Potterville Chamber once hosted Gizzard Fest. The student council was able to see how the chamber handles its budget, and how it delegates what organizations it will donate to.

Although the students represented a governing body, and the chamber a club for local businesses, the luncheon was an opportunity for students to see how towns and communities function and work together as adults. The Potterville Area Chamber of Businesses is a model of what living and working in a small town could be like someday, and how serving a community is a choice.