The Potterville Benton Township Library will be closed Tuesday, Nov. 28 through Tuesday, Dec. 12. The nearly 20-year old library will be closed for two weeks to bring some long overdue renovations, according to library director Lu Ann Stachnik.

“It’s been in the works for a few years,” said Lu Ann. “These are things we didn’t think about 19 years ago.”

The renovations won’t be dramatically different. There won’t be an extension to the original building or any walls knocked down, but the interior will look quite different than what patrons are used to.

To conserve and utilize what space they library has, taller shelves will be added to the space in order to open up the floor. Shelves will also be rearranged to make room for more designated spaces, a teen/youth area. There will also be new paint and carpet to accompany the different layout, as well as some IT and electrical upgrades.

The renovation is a compromise to an expansion or an addition, according to Lu Ann. The library board, while good saving its pennies, knew an expansion or addition wasn’t feasible. Lu Ann is optimistic about the changes, however. She feels the renovation will satisfy several of the desires of library patrons. A relaxing space for teens to work separate from other more crowded areas of the library and up to date technology and esthetic was the desire of the PBTL community.

“We’ve had to do a lot of soul searching to decide what the community really wants, and how we can provide them with a more conducive environment that still has the small town feeling,” said Lu Ann.

As libraries across the country work to become places that are more than just buildings filled with books, PBTL is answering the call as best it can. The approach follows the philosophy that “a little can go a long way.”

“I support patrons who patronize elsewhere,” said Lu Ann.

Although there are other library options surrounding the Potterville area, Lu Ann and the rest of her staff and library board seek to ensure that PBTL is a place where visitors can find as much as they need. Information, education, quiet, community centers are what local libraries are.

Whether avid book readers or not, Lu Ann encourages readers to visit the library once the renovation is finished. To learn more about the Potterville Benton Township Library readers can visit or call (517) 645-2989.