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Author: Adam Droscha

Brothers finally play football together

To most people it may not seem like a big deal that two junior high aged brothers got to play a game of football together. But for 13 year old Connor Benton and his 10 year old brother Cole Tuesday October 3 was a big day. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and Cole Benton has Down syndrome. “I have a child with special needs, but I don’t think of him that way. I just think of him as special,” said Michelle Benton, mother of Cole and Connor. Michelle considered it a privilege to have her two boys finally playing football together in a real game. Her husband, Craig Benton, coaches youth football in Eaton Rapids. They thought it was finally time to see their boys playing on the same field. Craig coordinated the game with Matt Rhode, the coach for the 8th grade boys football team in Olivet. Although Cole’s role in the game was running a few plays at the end, Michelle and Craig and the rest of the family consider it a blessing to witness Connor the quarterback handing off the ball to his younger brother so he can run it to the end zone. Cole was the star offensive player, the Olivet boys played their defense, the cheerleaders shouted Cole’s name, and the Benton family watched proudly as Cole scored. Beyond the hype of a...

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Local veteran participates in Washington DC honor flight

About one year ago David Ballard sent an application to the Honor Flight Network on behalf of his father, Jim Ballard, who is a Korean War veteran. The Honor Flight Network takes applications of veterans from WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and selects applicants to participate in a day long tour of the monuments and memorials in Washington D.C. In August Jim received a call letting him know he had been selected for a fall 2017 Honor Flight, and he and Dave were off. The Honor Flight Network covers the cost of flights and meals of...

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Slayer Outdoor Products offers unique blinds for hunting season

Slayer Outdoor Products is a new business in Charlotte. Originally located in Standish, Mich. and owned by Harold Woolhiser, the business now resides in the industrial complex on Packard Highway under the ownership of Rob Trowbridge and Tal Gearhart. Trowbridge was a partner with Woolhiser and bought out his share of the business and gladly relocated closer to home. Trowbridge and Gearhart are Vermontville natives. The two men grew up together, and Trowbridge later moved to California for several years where he owned a mortgage company. When he and his wife decided to move back to Michigan to raise...

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Truck drives through dining room wall at Eaton Rapids Craft Co.

A pleasant Sunday afternoon lunchtime was interrupted with a busted wall, flying tables and booths, and a shower of ketchup and mustard when a Ford pickup truck crashed into the dining room of Eaton Rapids Craft Co. Customers and staff were noticeably disturbed, but fortunately no one was injured during the accident. The chaos began when the driver of the truck reportedly opened his door and proceeded to exit the still moving vehicle while driving up on the north bound turn on Main Street. Upon exiting the driver’s seat his passenger attempted to take control of the truck, which...

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Olivet high school bands seek last funds for Disney trip

One of the most educational experiences for any high school student is the opportunity to leave his or her hometown. For Olivet students who have never left the state of Michigan, driving through the Appalachian Mountains and seeing the swamps of Florida can be week’s worth of education in just a few days. Dave and Lynn Funk, the band directors at Olivet Public Schools, know this to be true after six trips to Florida with the Olivet High School bands. The Olivet marching band has participated in Disney parades before. It’s one of the largest stages the band students will experience in their time with the Olivet band. Thousands of people line the streets of the Magic Kingdom while nearly 100 students from a small Michigan town march and play tunes from their competition repertoire. It’s a sight to see, according to the Funks, and it’s an experience they know their students won’t soon forget. The Funks aim to take their students on a Disney trip every four years. They plan the trips with the mindset of leaving no student behind, and so far they’ve achieved that goal for every trip. This year, however, the band booster funds aren’t where they’ve been in the past. There are still about seven students who are in need of the final funds to go on the trip, which is fast approaching for...

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