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Author: Adam Droscha

Andromeda to perform in historic Courthouse

Friday, May 26 through Sunday, June 4, the Andromeda Community Theater group will present the famous Agatha Christy play, “Witness for the Prosecution.” The performance will be held at the historic Eaton County Courthouse in downtown Charlotte and will feature several local performers from a local theater group. Director Amy Jo Kinyon believes this will be an outstanding performance for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because of the unique performance setting. “It’s a courtroom drama, which is perfect for the old courthouse,” Kinyon said. “It’s not an audience participation performance, but being in that...

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Courthouse Square Association Digitizes Eaton County Historic Newspapers

For any historian, there’s nothing quite as devastating as losing written history. Knowing there was once a record of events and happenings that’s now lost by fire, flood, or decay is gut wrenching. The tragedy of losing written history has driven members of the Courthouse Square Association of Charlotte to start the Eaton County History Newspaper project. The project essentially involves finding the master prints, microfilm, and, if need be the, original newspaper prints themselves and creating digital copies that can be used online. So far the project has digitized over 113 reels of newspaper. Everything from the Bellevue Gazette, Charlotte Tribune, Eaton County Republican, and more has been digitized already, and the group spearheading the project is still collecting more historic newspapers from around Eaton County. Project members have run into some close calls. Recently they feared that all of a Mulliken newspaper had been lost in the burning of a library, only to find that one Mulliken local still had the masters in her residence. The masters were donated, and digital prints were made right away. The task of digitizing the newspapers has been handed over to a New Yorker named Tom Tynisky. It’s the life passion of Trynisky to take historic newspapers and digitize them. He’s worked on newspapers from all over the country, and he works quickly and efficiently so that the digital copies are...

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Parkside Acres brings more options for community and buyers

One struggle for condo buyers can be the lack of options and variety. For a couple looking to downsize after owning a house decorated with the imprint of decades of personal tastes, cookie cutter condos can be a turnoff. Jerry Sommer, president of Sommer Building Company, recognized the need of some condo buyers to have options. Since his development company, Modern Equity, bought remaining plots in the Parkside development, he set out to complete a forgotten project while giving buyers a choice in the floor plan and design. For about five years the Parkside development sat empty and unfinished...

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Maple Valley High School students paint Nashville Pride mural

Art teacher at Maple Valley High School, Jessica Droscha, takes great pride in the work of her students. Seeing students learn and internalize content, then take a paintbrush and create on their own is the reason she’s an art teacher. The opportunity to take students outside the school to work on a community project creates a special kind of pride. Knowing that an entire community, instead of just her, will appreciate their work is one of the greatest accomplishments Droscha can ask for as a teacher. Just a week after she was hired as art teacher at Maple Valley,...

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Delbert Redfield signs with Olivet College basketball

Olivet is a town that cultivates commitment. Many kids who grow up in Olivet stay or return to become devoted firefighters, teachers, coaches, and respected community members. For Delbert Redfield there was no great rush get away, especially with a local college so close and accessible. After a few rewarding years as an Olivet Eagle, Redfield is moving on to become an Olivet College Comet for the men’s basketball team. As team captain, Redfield led the team through fairly successful 17-5 season. With a rough start followed by a promising turnaround, the boys took away their first class B...

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