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Author: Adam Droscha

Arts Council the newest addition to Eaton Rapids Quality of Life Board

Every city, large or small, needs its own art. Whether it’s the Motor City, or the Island City, art is what provides a community with a healthy distraction, an adoration for what’s beautiful, and a unifying centerpiece that everyone can call their own. The Eaton Rapids Quality of Life Board is doing what it can to give the Island City an array of community projects through the work of various subcommittees like the River Recreation Committee, Parks Development Committee, Northwestern Park Committee, and the Youth Teen Initiative. The newest, and fully active, subcommittee is the Eaton Rapids Arts Council. “If you build it they will come,” said Christopher Sebastian, chairman of the new arts council. “Anything that can attract emotion from individuals can be good for a community. If there’s an attraction that peaks interest people will come check it out. Anything that can develop foot traffic is great for a community.” The arts council was established to evaluate the assets and blank spaces in the Eaton Rapids downtown, and pinpoint areas where visual art could be displayed. Although to date the arts council has only gathered three times, the four-to-five person council has already selected a few front-running ideas for potential art projects. It’s too early to say which ideas will come to action, according to Sebastian, but the ideas keep coming. “There’s a lot of opportunity and...

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Peeps, or Jesus?

The Easter season, like all holidays, means something different to everyone. For Christians like myself, it’s the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. For others, it’s a time to scarf down Peeps and watch kids hunt for Easter eggs. For others still, it’s just a time to officially welcome the death of winter and life of spring. I think it’s all of the above. Whatever Easter represents, it is undoubtedly a time for family, seasonal enjoyment, and merriment. Like many people, on Saturday I’ll spend time with family from out of town, hopefully enjoying the nearly 80-degree weather by visiting Crandell Park. Sunday morning I’ll be in a church pew singing hymns about that old time religion. Monday I’ll regret a Peeps-eating contest with my brother from the day before. I know many County Journal readers will partake in similar traditions and activities. The older I get the more I’ve learned not to put holidays and the changing of seasons into a box. Easter and Christmas have deep, passionate purposes of faith for my family and friends. Even so, we make our way out to the Droscha Family Dairy so I can watch my cousins’ kids look in absurd places for Easter eggs and candy. My friends without faith or religion celebrate Easter as more of a belated Spring Equinox (because realistically Michigan spring never starts on...

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Linda’s Salon a new favorite in Eaton Rapids

Off of Grand Street, just behind Speedway, sits a building still covered with a 1970’s hue. This former home of the Flashes newspaper now sits with a completely renovated interior, fit with hair dryer chairs, nail styling stations, and tanning beds. Linda Maurer’s lifelong dream of owning her own hair salon is now a reality, and one that took only a couple of months to establish. It was seven weeks from closing on the building in October to the opening of the salon in December. Maurer and her team of friends and family did mostly cosmetic work (no pun...

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Battin Farms Equine and Soldier Sanctuary

Understanding and meeting the needs of our veterans is a challenge in our homes, our government, and our communities. While many of us will stamp “support our troops” stickers on our cars, or watch patriotic biography films of real life veterans out of reverence, relatively few people understand the weight and damage of things like PTSD, veteran suicide, or reintegrating veterans into society. These are huge issues for veterans and their families, and Marcus Battin and wife Laurie Cummings in Olivet are doing their part to help the veterans in their community. Marcus and Laurie have started the Battin...

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