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Author: Adam Droscha

Parkside Acres brings more options for community and buyers

One struggle for condo buyers can be the lack of options and variety. For a couple looking to downsize after owning a house decorated with the imprint of decades of personal tastes, cookie cutter condos can be a turnoff. Jerry Sommer, president of Sommer Building Company, recognized the need of some condo buyers to have options. Since his development company, Modern Equity, bought remaining plots in the Parkside development, he set out to complete a forgotten project while giving buyers a choice in the floor plan and design. For about five years the Parkside development sat empty and unfinished...

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Maple Valley High School students paint Nashville Pride mural

Art teacher at Maple Valley High School, Jessica Droscha, takes great pride in the work of her students. Seeing students learn and internalize content, then take a paintbrush and create on their own is the reason she’s an art teacher. The opportunity to take students outside the school to work on a community project creates a special kind of pride. Knowing that an entire community, instead of just her, will appreciate their work is one of the greatest accomplishments Droscha can ask for as a teacher. Just a week after she was hired as art teacher at Maple Valley,...

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Delbert Redfield signs with Olivet College basketball

Olivet is a town that cultivates commitment. Many kids who grow up in Olivet stay or return to become devoted firefighters, teachers, coaches, and respected community members. For Delbert Redfield there was no great rush get away, especially with a local college so close and accessible. After a few rewarding years as an Olivet Eagle, Redfield is moving on to become an Olivet College Comet for the men’s basketball team. As team captain, Redfield led the team through fairly successful 17-5 season. With a rough start followed by a promising turnaround, the boys took away their first class B...

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Mason DDA hosts Chocolate Walk through downtown

Thursday, May 11, from 2 to 5 p.m. residents and visitors are invited to Mason for a Chocolate Walk through downtown. The Mason Downtown Development Authority is putting on the event to bring attention to the unique businesses and opportunities that exist all within a short walking distance in the downtown area. Walkers will start at Mason City Hall, receive a map and a chocolate-collecting bag, and start the trek through downtown. With 37 stops along the way, walkers will consume and take home a variety of chocolate treats, as well as special gifts and offers from the participating businesses. “(This may) give them a reason to come back to Mason,” said Jamie Robinson, chair of the Mason DDA. As owner of a couple Mason favorites, Bestsellers Books and Coffee Co. and the Vault Delicatessen, Robinson knows the great potential the downtown has for attracting newcomers. A chocolate walk through some of Mason’s finest businesses combined with a special gift or discount for products is a sure to bring visiting walkers back to the historic town, according to Robinson. The idea of the chocolate walk came from one such event held in Old Town Lansing. Robinson and others saw the kind of crowds and enthusiasm the Old Town chocolate walk brought to one historic district, and brought the idea back to Mason. “Chocolate is appealing to a vast majority...

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Discover Dimondale event to reveal Village’s great potential and best-kept secrets

Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., visitors and residents are welcomed to Dimondale to tour the Village, hear about its history, experience its unique businesses, and discover the things that make Dimondale a worthwhile place to be. Lori Conarton, member of both the Dimondale Business Association and the Dimondale Recreation Taskforce, helped initiate and organize the event, and she’s optimistic about the influence the event will have on public opinion of the village. Conarton is a lifelong resident of Dimondale. She’s experienced how great the small town atmosphere can be, yet recognizes how difficult it can be for outsiders to make the visit. The event isn’t just for visitors, however. Discover Dimondale is for residents as well, to know how much unseen opportunity exists within their own area. “It’s about highlighting what we have,” said Conarton. Everything from businesses, walking trails, specialty food, services, and history will be part of the Discover Dimondale festivities. Some of the lesser-known features of the event will include a mock farmers market, the historic walking trail, and sneak peak at the new Dimes Brewhouse. Every event is free to the public, but visitors are free to shop and eat to their hearts’ content. There will be presentations about fishing, water recreation, the local library, and more. “People haven’t been to Dimondale to see what it’s all about. It’s a great...

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