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Author: Adam Droscha

Whitcomb passes 1,000 point threshold in high school basketball

Technically speaking, Bailey Whitcomb scored the 1,002nd point of her high school basketball career in the 2017 Bellevue High School girls varsity basketball season opener. But 1,000 points is 1,000 points, and Whitcomb achieved a record that not many high school athletes can brag about. According to Whitcomb, she had scored 999 points by the end of her junior basketball season. It didn’t take long for Whitcomb to pass the 1,000 point threshold in her first game of her senior season. It only took a few seconds. The home game against Calhoun Christian started, she scored a three-point shot...

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Eaton Rapids DDA attends Michigan Main Street presentation

Friday, Dec. 8, a steering committee from the Eaton Rapids Marketing Alliance, as well as representatives of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation gave a presentation to the Eaton Rapids Downtown Development Authority. The presentation was about the Michigan Main Street program, which is offered through MEDC as a way to instruct communities through the process of revitalizing their downtown. The presentation was given to the Eaton Rapids DDA as a way to prompt their participation in Michigan Main Street, which is the precedent, set by other towns that have participated in the program. The Eaton Rapids Marketing Alliance has been working through the application process and first steps of Michigan Main Street for the last year. Representatives from the alliance have attended main street basics training and practice where they learned more about what other towns have accomplished through with the program’s help. Upon taking part in these training sessions, the ERMA learned that the majority of communities participating in the main street program used the DDA to facilitate a town’s participation and enacting of the program. Other neighboring communities like Charlotte and Old Town Lansing have worked with Michigan Main Street. Eaton Rapids DDA director Sheri Dubois and Eaton Rapids Quality of Life Director Troy Stowell attended the main street trainings and briefed the DDA on the program outline. According to Stowell, the Dec. 8 meeting was “well...

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Dimes Brewhouse set to open December 21

After attending college in Grand Rapids, I became something of a beer snob. Grand Rapids has dozens of craft breweries, so the coming of legal drinking age was marked by outings to the finest breweries Michigan has to offer. But, being a beer snob doesn’t make one a connoisseur, it just makes that person annoying to drink with. Moving back home, however, opened my eyes to the creativity of more local craft breweries. The Eaton Pub has its own brews with Charlotte Brewing Company. Along with some friends, I became a mug club member at Eagle Monk, a small...

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Potterville student council hosts annual chamber luncheon

Several members of the Potterville Area Chamber of Businesses met at Potterville High School on Wednesday, Dec. 6 for a luncheon with the Potterville student council. Directed by Jaimee Dorian, the students entertained the chamber members with conversation, food, and a mixed meeting of student council and chamber businesses. The luncheon has become a favorite event for both the chamber and the student council. The Potterville Area Chamber of Businesses is a regular supporter of the student council, for which Dorian and her student government body are very thankful. Student leaders stood up at the beginning of the lunch...

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First Baptist Church of Bellevue to open North End outreach center

First Baptist Church of Bellevue will soon have a new outreach building to offer the Bellevue community. The North End, a former church and daycare center located directly across Main Street from Washington Park, will open its doors in January. FBC has been working on the building for the last couple of years. With a nearly finished project and an outlined vision for one demographic of Bellevue, The North End is something the church highly anticipates presenting to the village. Luke Julian is the new youth pastor at FBC. After taking the position about six months ago, he joined...

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