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Author: Adam Droscha

Eaton Rapids Craft Co. hit by another truck

I’ll be honest right from the get-go, this piece is more for my own amusement than for the sake of reporting local news. I’ve often toyed with the idea of writing the occasional satire article, especially in moments when the state has a near total solar eclipse, or when certain city council meetings (in communities outside the Flashes’ readership, which shall go unnamed) go laughably awry. I thought about doing so here while reflecting on Eaton Rapids Craft’s apparent cloud of bad luck, or simply making the headline, “Truck hits Eaton Rapids Craft Co. Lol.” Instead, I decided to dial it back a little, but not so much as to miss the humor. Regular diners out in Eaton Rapids may have noticed the new, large windows on the front wall of Eaton Rapids Craft Co. Lovely as they are, providing more natural light and a better view of Main Street, they are a quiet reminder of early October 2017 when a truck drove directly into the dining room on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Thankfully on Sunday, May 13, when yet another pickup truck crashed into the Craft Co., it missed the prominent new windows entirely, only ramming into the southwest corner just off the kitchen. In both instances no one was injured, and business quickly resumed after some needed cleanup. Eaton Rapids Craft Co. is rather like a made...

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Eaton County does trial run with propane vehicles

Gas prices are the notorious strain on many household budgets. Whether you have one vehicle or five, budgeting for gas for the week, for trips, and for multiple drivers can be a hassle. The same is true of municipal governments. Paying for fuel for maintenance trucks, road commission vehicles, police cruisers, and more isn’t cheap, and it’s near impossible for municipal governments to find clean energy alternatives to keep their emissions down and constituents happy. April 27, however, Eaton County entered what can be called a trial run of alternative, clean fuel. Working with the Michigan Propane Gas Association...

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It’s not about the ‘promposal’

Last week a story from Maple Valley Schools came to light. It was innocent enough. A promposal (prom proposal) from a young man to his sweetheart asking her if she’d go to prom with him. But the would-be innocent promposal was tainted by an out of left field, unexpected racial slur that had social media lit up, locals shocked, and news media tuned in. The promposal sign, which could be seen in a photo posted to social media, said, “If I were black I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white I’m picking you for prom?” Maple Valley’s superintendent, Michelle Falcon, sent out a statement after the incident, assuring the school district has a zero tolerance policy for such behavior, especially when it disrupts education. Undisclosed disciplinary action will reportedly be taken against the student per district standards. The incident is not the first racially motivated problem Falcon has dealt with in her time at Maple Valley, and Maple Valley is not the only school district in the County Journal readership that has had racism flaunted by students in the last couple of years. The community is waking to an underlying, pervasive problem of closeted racism and racial insensitivity, and the problems aren’t being exposed because of old uncle Charlie who blurts out a racist joke at Thanksgiving. They’re coming to light in words and actions of local youth, in...

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May Daze returns to Sunfield

Saturday, May 19, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunfield will again host the annual May Daze, a celebration of Sunfield, its citizens, and the coming of warmer weather. The event, put on by Geneise Davis, will be a day filled with games, carnival rides, and plenty of craft and food vendors. All of the festivities will take place on Main Street in Sunfield. Parking in the area is limited, so a shuttle bus will be going back and forth all day from the park off Logan Street to the Main Street festivities. On Main Street crafters, vendors, and...

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Eaton Rapids Area Chamber dinner an evening of fun, anniversaries, and celebration

Thursday, May 3, the Eaton Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce held their annual spring dinner at The English Inn. The evening was split into socializing, passing out awards, and enjoying interactive, dueling pianos. Several awards were passed out during the event. The Ted Oliver Award was presented to Morgan Scarbro of Morgan’s Hugs for her contributions to the community through her charity work. Morgan is a high school student at Eaton Rapids Public Schools who has organized several charity events to provide school supplies for students in need, items for wounded veterans, and more. The Doug Stevenson Award was...

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