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Author: The County Journal

Charlotte Community Library Celebrates 125 years

In 2019, the Charlotte Community Library will celebrate its 125th birthday. The library was established on November 19, 1894. The book collection was originally housed above the E.T. Church grocery store, which is thought to have been located at 119 S. Cochran, a building most recently occupied by the Dragonfly Boutique. The library was moved several times over the next decade until, in 1903, the city secured a $12,000 grant from the Andrew Carnegie Endowment to construct a permanent library building at the corner of North Cochran and Harris Streets. At the time, the 1845 courthouse stood on the property but it was relocated next door to Dr. H.B. Coles’ yard and used as a garage, and then later moved to property near Bennett Park. The new building housed the library collection for the next 80 years and many long-time Charlotte residents still recall fond memories of their time spent there. The stone building still stands today, now the home of Charlotte Plaza Floral and Crusty’s Bagels. By 1986, the Carnegie building no longer provided adequate space for the library’s expanding collection and public programs. At this time, the Charlotte Library Project, Inc. was formed to search for a new location and procure funding for a larger library. The old Felpausch Food Center on Bostwick Street was identified, purchased on a land contract, and renovated over the next eight...

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January Can Do! meeting features conversation with Bob Filka and Bob Schroeder

Charlotte Can Do! is a local nonprofit think tank, whose primary purpose is to “incubate remarkable ideas.” Using a framework of the Seven Elements of Healthy Communities, the group considers a different element each month.  The elements include economy, the arts, education, health and wellness, neighborhoods and communities, basic needs, and environment. Can Do! meets monthly and invites interested community members to its first session for 2019 on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 7 a.m. The meeting will feature a conversation with Home Builders Association CEO Bob Filka and Owner of Mayberry Homes Bob Schroeder. The conversation will focus on how revitalization affects a community as well as what makes a community attractive for investors to develop.  For this year’s programs, Chairman Yvonne Ridge wants to focus on the seven elements of a healthy community and encourages citizens to participate and find ways to help the community move forward to the “next level” of success.  Community participation and input is a priority for Can Do’s focus this year. The January session with Mr. Filka and Mr. Schroeder will consider thought-provoking questions about how to harness the opportunities before us. Positive changes in communities sometimes await the transformation that comes from a different way of thinking about challenges and opportunities. How can we ask a different kind of question that helps us to see things from new perspectives? How does the...

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Maple Valley Athletic Boosters supply several improvements

Crissta Ames Contributing Writer The Maple Valley Athletic Boosters has helped Maple Valley schools in getting a new scorer’s table, new advertising signs, new iPads, and a special opportunity to participate in athletics without the worry of financial burden. According to the Boosters president, Tal Gearhart, in addition to the material assets that the Boosters have helped Maple Valley get, the district has also earned enough money to eliminate their pay-to-play policy. Without pay-to-play, students can have the opportunity to play a sport without worrying about it being too much of an extra financial burden. A study done in...

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Retro Arcade opens inside Eaton Theatre

Crissta Ames Contributing writer After accomplishing her dream of owning the Eaton Theatre, Leann Owen wanted to take it a step further. She has spent the last few months renovating the space they owned next to the theatre and transforming it into a retro 1980s-themed arcade.  The room was previously rented out to Sue’s Tailoring but has been sitting empty for a few years. Owen opened up the wall next to the mural in the theatre lobby, and then added in some black lights and carpet that glows underneath them to add to the experience. There are also plans...

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EASC spaghetti dinner to benefit Christmas Kiddies

Crissta Ames Contributing writer Visit the Eaton Area Senior Center on Saturday, Dec. 15 between 6 and 8 p.m. for a spaghetti fundraiser dinner that will benefit the Charlotte Fire Department’s Christmas Kiddies fund. In addition to the spaghetti dinner, there will be a Touch-A-Truck opportunity with one of the Charlotte Fire Department’s firetrucks. The fire department has been doing the Christmas Kiddies fund since 1906, providing hundreds of children with toys and surprising them with a visit from Santa. Every member of the CFD gives a little bit of their time on Christmas Eve to deliver these presents...

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