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Author: The County Journal

Take a walk ‘Into the Woods’ with Olivet High School Theatre

Olivet High School will be presenting Into the Woods for their fall musical this year, directed by Malia Koger and vocal instructor, Alexis Stark. This story, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, book by James Lapine, and orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick follows the dark twists of the classic fairytales Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and many other favorite childhood fairytale characters. Into The Woods covers a variety of realistic topics that speak to many people. It starts off with the main characters, Cinderella (Morgan Miklusicak), Jack (Elena Stolberg), the Baker (Marcus Pennington), the...

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Potterville Public Schools seeking 1-mill sinking fund

Potterville Public Schools is asking voters to approve a 1-mill sinking fund for 10 years. The district would raise approximately $126,000 annually from 2018 to 2027, based on current property values. The proposal will be on the Nov. 6 general election ballot. If approved, homeowners with a $50,000 taxable value would pay an additional $50 a year. A Sinking Fund millage is levied on all property located in the school district. Schools can utilize the revenue to pay for projects or repairs that arise. Sinking Funds provide districts with a more cost effective alternative to borrowing through bonds. Sinking Funds do not require interest costs or legal fees. Sinking Funds are audited annually by an independent auditor. All funds received through a Sinking Fund millage are restricted and can only be spent for specific purposes. Potterville Schools plans to utilize the funds for safety and security improvements for the elementary, middle school/high school and child care. All three buildings would receive upgraded security cameras, automated locks, updated locks on classrooms and possibly a panic button system. Instructional technology will be purchased to sustain and increase students’ accessibility to technology. All technology purchased will be placed in the hands of our students. “All of this is intended to provide a physically and emotionally safe learning environment for all of our students and staff,” said Superintendent Kevin Robydek.  “Our intention is...

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City adopts new rules for RV parking

The City of Charlotte recently adopted new rules for recreational vehicle parking that are intended to give property owners more options than before. Up until these changes, RVs were very broadly defined, and limited to legal parking only in the rear yard. The new rules provide for a greater range of legal parking options that include side yards and driveways, subject to certain restrictions. The new rules take effect at the end of October, and also include changes to city regulations on temporary sheds and carports, and eliminate outdated rules about satellite dishes. “All of these things were regulated...

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Charlotte 8th grade football team beats PW

On a muddy practice field at Pewamo-Westphalia, the eighth grade Charlotte Junior Oriole football team accomplished something they had never done before. Despite consistent winning seasons, a victory over the Pewamo-Westphalia Pirates had evaded them. Not this year. With a quick attacking offense, and an impenetrable defense, the Junior Orioles earned a decisive victory of 45-0 over this powerhouse. Although never having beaten the Pirates before, head coach Ryan Garn was confident going into the game. “The team really came together during the practices leading-up to the PW game,” Garn said. “These young men have worked very hard, and...

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Never strangers at Sensations Memory Care

The beauty of summer is waning and soon the vibrant colors of fall will be ours to enjoy. As Michiganders, we seem to be strengthened by the change of seasons. Larissa Krem believes this to be true. “I have lived in this area most of my life,” she says, “and I am convinced that the uncertainty of Michigan’s weather has enabled folks who have had to weather storms in their lives cope just a bit better when change becomes inevitable.” Larissa is Marketing Director at Sensations Memory Care Residence. She works with families who never dreamed they would ever have to find a home away from home for their loved ones. They never gave thought during the summer years of their lives that fall would bring uncertainty. Or, that they would have to winter through the tumultuous idea of turning the care of their spouse over to strangers. “They don’t,” she smiled. “Our residents are never strangers. We love them like family.” Sensations offers Long Term Care (permanent residency), Respite Care (a short-term stay), and Adult Day Care (a few hours at a time). It is licensed as a home for the aged — Alzheimer’s and dementia specific — with programming developed to allow residents to enjoy activities at their own level of ability. Days are filled with fitness, music, pet therapy and games. “But what residents like best...

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