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Author: The County Journal

Hooping For A Cure has helped raise $103,219 since 2007

By Brent Crossman CHS Teacher In 1982 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 12 years old and did not really have any idea what my mother was going through. Her only option back then was a mastectomy and chemotherapy. After her surgery and treatments my mother survived breast cancer. Two years ago my mother again was diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully beat cancer again. To honor her 36 years as a breast cancer survivor and to all those who have won or lost their battle with cancer, the 12th annual Hooping For A Cure staff vs. students basketball game fundraiser will be held March 3 at 6 p.m. at the Charlotte High School Dome. The Charlotte High School Relay For Life team has raised $103,219 since the first game in 2007. This year’s event is also the kick-off event for the Charlotte Relay For Life event on June 22nd at the CHS track.  If you want to start a team, information will be available at Hooping For A Cure. We are asking all cancer survivors to please come to the game so we can honor your courage of beating this awful disease. Hooping For A Cure t-shirts are being sold for $10 to raise money for cancer research. They are available at the Charlotte High School Main Office. The sizes are youth small to 3XL....

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Helping Hands appeals to community

According to U.S. Census data, Eaton County and Macomb County are tied for the distinction of having the lowest poverty level of all the counties in Michigan (13 percent) and financial analysts tell us that our economy is the most robust it has been in 15 years. Yet, Helping Hands Food Pantry, located at 600 S. Cochran in Charlotte, received more than 5,300 household requests for food assistance in 2017, of which we honored with more than 500,000 pounds of food and personal care items. (That’s about 400,000 meals!) Many will question how so many people can be asking for help considering such rosy reports as mentioned in the previous paragraph. There are numerous reasons why a large number of people are struggling in such a time. Layoffs, divorce, deaths, injuries, medical debt, and low wage / low hour / no benefit jobs are all at the heart of most stories and we find that oftentimes people’s lives can be turned upside down even when seemingly proper decisions and choices have been made. The household requests mentioned above represent about 1,800 actual households, totaling more than 5,500 people, that sought assistance an average of three times during 2017, of which our records show consists of 37 percent children, 13 percent seniors, 40 percent disabled and 50 percent working at least part time. (35 percent of clients come just one...

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Volunteers needed for 2018 Nordic Fire Festival

Charlotte will host the 3rd annual Michigan Nordic Fire Festival on the final weekend of February, 2018. The festival is one of the fastest growing attractions in Mid-Michigan, bringing thousands of visitors to Charlotte. The festival combines elements of Nordic history and Viking fantasy, bringing the “old world” to life for a weekend of winter fun. “Despite the growing interest in this festival from other communities, and even other states, we really need help from the people here at home,” festival organizer Bryan Myrkle said. “We have a great group of people working on this, but our growth and success will be limited without more help.” He said there are volunteer opportunities for people who want to help for an hour, a day, or the whole weekend. There are kids games and activities, contests for everyone, educational displays and even a Viking Mead Hall featuring food and drink. “Everything we do could use a boost from local volunteers,” Myrkle said. The Michigan Nordic Fire Festival taps into a vein of enthusiasm running through recent pop culture. This ranges from major hits like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and the Vikings television show, to burgeoning interest in fantasy “cosplay” and more accurate historic reenactment. “I guess people still don’t know what to expect, but they have a great time once they get here,” Myrkle said. “Each year we’ve...

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It’s a Charlotte Christmas!

With the holiday season fast approaching, what better way to bring about the wonderful joy of Christmas than spending some time at Charlotte’s very own Bennett Park? Dec. 23, Charlotte High School students and community members are hosting a fun-filled evening open to anyone and everyone. Between 4 and 7 p.m., there will be fun for the entire family. To participate, park at Bennett Park and enter the path that begins in the rear (east) parking lot. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a stroll through the lighted trails and admire the Christmas decorations. This will lead...

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Eaton Area Senior Center to sponsor fundraiser for CARA Jan. 19 — Copper & Shrift to Perform

Thanks to the continuous generous support from the Eaton Area Senior Center, the Charlotte Area Recycling Authority (CARA) will once again present an Italian Buffet Fundraiser event on Friday, Jan. 19, from 5 to 7 p.m., which will feature all you can eat spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, beverages and dessert. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. Special musical guests Copper & Shrift, who are kindly donating their time, are set to perform. Originally formed as a trio for a benefit concert in 2011, Charlotte-based Copper & Shrift has developed a small, but unenthusiastic local following for its acoustic performances of traditional American and Irish tunes. Its shows have benefited Camp Frances, the Charlotte Education Foundation, Charlotte Rotary Club, Eaton Area Senior Center and Relay for Life. These concerts have led to many requests over the years, but the duo keeps playing anyway. “We think we’re the perfect band to perform for CARA supporters,” said guitarist Lucky Copper, “as most of our songs are recycled.” CARA’s budget relies heavily on donations, grant monies, and the sale of recyclable materials. Every cent raised will help to ensure that CARA continues to operate. This is extremely important since recycling is an essential service to our community. Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces emissions from manufacturing items out of new materials, saves energy and helps ensure a cleaner future for generations to come....

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