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Author: The County Journal

Never strangers at Sensations Memory Care

The beauty of summer is waning and soon the vibrant colors of fall will be ours to enjoy. As Michiganders, we seem to be strengthened by the change of seasons. Larissa Krem believes this to be true. “I have lived in this area most of my life,” she says, “and I am convinced that the uncertainty of Michigan’s weather has enabled folks who have had to weather storms in their lives cope just a bit better when change becomes inevitable.” Larissa is Marketing Director at Sensations Memory Care Residence. She works with families who never dreamed they would ever have to find a home away from home for their loved ones. They never gave thought during the summer years of their lives that fall would bring uncertainty. Or, that they would have to winter through the tumultuous idea of turning the care of their spouse over to strangers. “They don’t,” she smiled. “Our residents are never strangers. We love them like family.” Sensations offers Long Term Care (permanent residency), Respite Care (a short-term stay), and Adult Day Care (a few hours at a time). It is licensed as a home for the aged — Alzheimer’s and dementia specific — with programming developed to allow residents to enjoy activities at their own level of ability. Days are filled with fitness, music, pet therapy and games. “But what residents like best...

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AL!VE hosts Turning Point kickoff

On Tuesday, Aug. 21, AL!VE hosted for the first time one of the regional kick-off events for the Turning Point Program for Breast Cancer Survivors. The free event garnered interest from many and brought more than a dozen survivors into the community to take part in an array of activities focused on health, fitness and nutrition. Attendees received chair massages from certified oncology massage therapist, Amanda Tollstam; learned more about “superfoods” from Dietitian Pat Willard; and connected with both Kim Freiburger, HGB women’s health liaison, as well as Joy Berwald from the Westside YMCA who talked about continued opportunities...

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Concert organizers thank sponsors, volunteers and community

Organizers say the 2018 Summer Concerts on the Square free music series was a great success, despite early concerns about funding. “Bands held dates open for us much later than they usually would, sponsors stepped-up to the plate, volunteers made sure everything ran smoothly, and our community rewarded all that with unbelievable attendance,” said Bryan Myrkle, Community Development Director for the City of Charlotte. Despite being a special taxing district, Myrkle said that funding for the Downtown Development Authority has been almost nonexistent since property values fell dramatically about 10 years ago. The DDA only receives tax monies when...

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The Greenhouse Project brings tradition and creativity to the ERMC Farmers Market

Brandie Medlock’s family has been creating and selling homemade jams and jellies for over 30 years. “They’ve been making those since before I was born,” Brandie laughs as she points to a rustic stand stacked with mason jars of preserves. “Jam really was the beginning of it all.” Brandie is the president of The Greenhouse Project, a nonprofit that focuses on increasing local access to fresh produce.  She sets up shop weekly in a booth at the Eaton Rapids Medical Center (ERMC) Farmers Market. Every week Brandie, her daughter, her parents (and their dogs) arrive at the market with...

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Though Pray Funeral Home has evolved with the times, it still operates by the Golden Rule

The Pray family started in funeral service in 1921 when Ernest and Myron Pray were asked to join the local “Undertaking” and Furniture company in downtown Charlotte.  The partnership was built on the Golden Rule, “Treat families we serve as if they were our own family.” The Prays still conduct their service using the same philosophy. Three generations of the Pray family continue to serve the families of greater Eaton County.  Joe Pray Sr., Joe E. Pray, and Tyler Pray. Lori Pray serves as the business administrator.  Dana Pray, also a licensed funeral director, serves as board member and consultant. Over the years the Prays have seen many changes in funeral services.  Many services were conducted in the home of the deceased in the 20s.  In the 1940s buildings constructed to accommodate the crowds of mourners evolved. Prays have led many of the changes in funeral services. The most recent change is the emphasis of the funeral being the celebration of the treasured memories of a person’s life. Families bring in touchstone items, photos or mementos that have stories connected with them, to recall the memories of the deceased. These are arranged to tell the story of an individual’s life.  Services have included motorcycles, covered wagons, aircraft, and hot rods.  Webcasting accommodates family who are across the country. “We have developed our talents and the tools to create these...

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