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Author: Travis Silvas

The Dolson brunch brings unique dining experience to downtown Charlotte

The creators of The Dolson in downtown Charlotte promised an eager community “comfort food reimagined” when they opened their doors this past June. Since, chef George Sztroin, and his crew have been working to make good on that promise. The latest example is The Dolson’s weekend brunch menu, which debuted late this past summer. Filled with breakfast staples, such as French toast, pancakes, and biscuits and gravy, the menu consistently recreates brunch classics like the Poblano Egg Sandwich, Sweet Potato Waffles, and the Meatloaf Sammy. “We’re always looking to up the bar a little bit,” Sztroin said. “We let...

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Outdoor demolition of ‘The Piece’ begins Monday, Nov. 27

The demolition of “The Piece,” so named after its creation with paint-filled water balloons, won’t be nearly as entertaining as its creation. It may, however, generate more excitement. The project was originally planned for a spring 2017 demolition. Contamination from dry cleaning solvents in the basement of the property, however, has slowed the project. “Like most people who live or work downtown, I will be happy to see this building razed, and something much nicer take its place,” said City of Charlotte Community Development Director Bryan Myrkle. “I am also grateful to the community members who contributed to the...

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Small Business Saturday turns into big event in Charlotte

The power shopping local can have in a community has been studied, written about and campaigned for many times in the last few years. Small Business Saturday is a direct result of many of those efforts made on a national level. The Charlotte business community is prepared to the demonstrate the impact local businesses working together can have on the shopping experiences those who choose to shop local can enjoy. More than 30 local businesses have come together — under the leadership of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, CharlotteRising, and Love4Charlotte Businesses — to create a full day of activities for Small Business Saturday, Nov. 25 in downtown Charlotte. “It’s been exciting to see the many different business owners getting together the last several months to plan one event for the betterment of the entire community,” said Charlotte Chamber of Commerce director Courtney Anderson. “I feel that everyone is really excited to be a part of it this year.” The Chamber of Commerce has combined its annual Holiday Parade and tree lighting ceremony — traditionally held the Monday before Thanksgiving — to the Small Business Saturday activities this year. Anderson said the hope is that providing added community activities will further entice families to come downtown to “shop local.” “Buying local makes a difference in the success of independent businesses with keeping over 50 percent of the money in...

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Local woman turns pain of loss into opportunity to raise awareness

Mikayla Miller’s focus could have easily been overwhelmed by the pain in her feet or the burning in her lungs. Running her first marathon, she chose instead to focus her thoughts on the good times she had with her mom, which helped push her across the finish line. It was her mother’s death in 2014 to a drug overdose that led Mikayla to the course in Detroit this past October. The marathon represented Mikayla’s long journey to find peace with her mother’s addiction and the desire she has to share her story with others. “There was a lot of...

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Governor urges local leaders to keep the momentum going in Charlotte

Governor Rick Snyder visited Charlotte Thursday, Nov. 9 to take part in a graduation ceremony recognizing the City of Charlotte’s completion of the Governor’s Project Rising Tide program. The Governor congratulated city leaders on accomplishments within the community over the course of the last two years, but urged community members to keep moving forward. “This is not the end of something when you talk about a graduation,” Snyder said. “This is a milestone we should celebrate, that the community should celebrate doing great things together. CharlotteRising is just an awesome program, and I know it goes with great pride...

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