Charlotte native Adam DeWitt thought his career path was set. Knowing he wanted to be in healthcare, he felt nursing was the best way for him to achieve his goals … until he had a talk with Dr. Bob Rolle.

“He told me chiropractic was something I could do and really enjoy,” DeWitt recalls.

Rolle said giving that kind of career advice is not something he typically does, but said he saw something in DeWitt and knew his path could eventually lead him back to his practice in Charlotte. 

“I always wanted to help people,” DeWitt said. “I realized, though, that I’m way too squeamish to be a nurse.”

An athlete most of his life, he said he’s always had a strong understanding of how the body works, and felt helping people while utilizing that passion for physiology and anatomy was the right choice. After some research, he found he could do all of that through chiropractic.

He finished his pre-chiropractic degree at Lake Michigan College and set off for Parker University in Texas to earn his doctor of chiropractic degree at Parker University. Having completed his degree this spring, DeWitt joined Rolle Chiropractic Clinic in May and has since been preparing to take over the practice when Rolle retires in late September.

He said he’s learned a lot about how Rolle adjusts his patients, wanting to ensure patients receive the same kind of care they’ve come to expect over the course of Rolle’s 26-year career in Charlotte.

“The office will be run the same,” DeWitt said. “We will remain 100 percent walk-in.”

Rolle said that is the question he’s been asked the most by patients who have learned of his retirement plans.

“Patients really appreciate that they can come in and get adjusted when they’re hurting,” Rolle said. “There are no obligations, and no long treatment plans.”

DeWitt said the walk-in approach appealed to him as well.

 “Knowing a patient can walk in the door in physical pain and leave with no or certainly less pain is something that really gripped me,” DeWitt said. “Our patients receive real hands on, personal care.”

Rolle & DeWitt Chiropractic Clinic is located at 106 S. Washington Street in downtown Charlotte. For more information, visit or call (517) 543-7595.