Connie Friedly has a soft spot for any animal in need. She can recall as a child feeling sorry for the dogs she would see at the pound, knowing she could do something to help. Her passion for animals led to a 30-year career with the Eaton County Humane Society.

When that ended last year, Friedly felt she could do more for her four-legged friends at her home, deciding to open Pawsibilities Rescue this past February.

“I wanted to make a place where the dogs didn’t feel penned up or closed in,” Friedly said. “It’s very peaceful out here. It’s amazing to see how the dogs respond to this environment. It really has a positive effect on their personality and makes them more adoptable.”

The entire point of Pawsibilities Rescue is to pair rescued animals with the right owners. Friedly takes in animals of all kinds, adopting out everything from kittens and dogs to horses and pot-bellied pigs.

“We are a true no-kill rescue,” Friedly said.

Pawsibilites has already rescued and adopted out 60 dogs and another 30 creatures (ranging from reptiles to guinea pigs) since opening up her property to animals in need of a permanent home.

“I am so proud of everyone who has helped and backed me on this,” she said. “My grooming clients, friends and family have been the most supportive in helping us get this started.”

To this point, nearly everything has been accomplished through donations. Pawsibilities has 16 large kennels, a small camper to house cats, a meet and greet kennel, and two large dog yards. She’s hoping to add more in the near future.

“I have a lot of connections through my 30 years with the Humane Society,” Friedly said. “I know I can put this place on the map. When people see what takes place here, they will be very helpful.”

Friedly is extremely grateful for the support received at this point. Members of Olivet High School and Charlotte High School FFA groups helped place the finishing touches around all of the kennels. Terry Noble and volunteers helped put up all of the kennels. Shawn Shoemaker installed all of the fencing around the two large dog runs. Friedly said she is currently in need of igloo doghouses and foster homes for rescues.

“Volunteers are always welcome out here, and memberships are available,” she said.

You can learn more about Pawsibilities Rescue on Facebook @PawsibilitiesMI. You can also find Pawsibilities’ adoptable animals on Instagram @pawsibilities.eatoncounty,,, and

Pawsibilities is located at 2200 Bellevue Highway in Olivet. Call or text (517) 652-9353 for more information.