It’s been a successful year of sales at P&K RV. The regular hustle and bustle of the spring season brought new and old customers back to the Eaton Rapids business for trailers and RVs. 2017 is settling down to be a fairly regular, steady year, according to owner George Chemacki.

As another year winds down, however, that means 2018 will be here before we know it, and P&K is preparing for another RV show at the MSU Pavilion. The end of the year also means it’s time to winterize campers and RVs.

Chemacki and Dave Pennell, owners of P&K RV have advice for readers about crucial steps for winterizing campers and RVs. The first note for any RV owner is to properly prep the hot water heater and water lines. Water needs to be completely drained prior to winter storage. Any remaining water could settle, freeze, and damage water lines. P&K RV recommends pumping antifreeze through the lines as opposed to air, and P&K is willing to do the work of pumping the antifreeze for customers.

Another often-overlooked step in the winterizing process is using a proper cover. George warns readers against using polypropylene covers, which can be a cheaper option for camper covers. The largest problem with the polypropylene covers is that they don’t breathe. They hold in moisture and will allow mold to grow in between the cover and the camper.

George’s next piece of advice was similar to the second. George recommends getting on top of the camper prior to winter storage and checking all of the caulk. Seal leaks can be a silent killer of RVs and campers. Checking over the trailer before covering it up for winter can save time, money, and hassle before that first big camping trip of the summer.

George realizes, however, there are those daring souls who camp late into fall and even winter. Although most campgrounds will close for winter, there are still a handful that will stay open year round. If winter/cool weather camping is something you do, George has a few more recommendations.

For winter camping it’s wise to have an enclosed underbelly and heated plumbing. There are some winter campers who will simply not use their plumbing for a winter trip, but for those who may want running water George highly recommends heated plumbing. At P&K RV readers and customers can find camper/RV options with winter packages.

Readers who may be looking for a new rig for next year’s camping season will want to visit P&K RV, or visit their booth at the January RV show at the MSU Pavilion. Exact dates are still in the works for the show, but P&K will be one of four dealers at the mid-January show. George encourages readers to come out and see the many options available for all budgets.

Those interested in learning more about P&K RV can visit, or call (517) 663-1300. P&K RV is located at 2334 S. Michigan Road in Eaton Rapids.