Carnival EatsBy now Joe Bristol has to feel pretty comfortable in front of a camera. The owner of Joe’s Gizzard City recently wrapped shooting for what will be his third appearance on cable television.
Carnival Eats, a show featured on the Cooking Channel, stopped by the Eaton County Fair Tuesday, July 12 to sample Bristol’s newest creation, the Peanut Butter Not Dog, which Bristol describes as a deep-fried peanut butter, bacon-wrapped burger on a stick.
“We try to get creative with what we have around the bar,” Bristol said of his latest creation, which was made in cooperation with Carnival Eats. “If we have a surplus of anything, we try to use it up as best we can.”
To make the Peanut Butter Not Dog, Bristol takes hamburger and rolls it into the shape of a hot dog, then cooks it. Once it is done, he puts it in a bun and wraps it with bacon and peanut butter before dipping it in Joe’s famous batter and deep frying it. It is then topped with chocolate sauce.
“We sold about 20 of them during the Fair without any kind of advertising,” Bristol said.
Joe’s Gizzard Wagon, which makes it out to public events five or six times a summer, was also featured on Carnival Eats in 2015, when host Noah Cappe visited Gizzard Fest. Bristol said the second time around was pretty smooth.
“The crew is very fun and easy to work with,” Bristol said. “It helped that the weather cooperated this time.”
Bristold said the Gizzard Wagon will be at the Sun Dried Music Festival in Mason in August and then return to Charlotte in September for Frontier Days. The Wagon also serves hand dipped onion rings, a selection of deep fried desserts, cookie dough, Oreos, and Joe Nuts (crumb-coated mini donut, wrapped in bacon, deep fried and topped with honey, caramel, and sriracha sauce, all wrapped into one).
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