One of the most anticipated parts of Charlotte Frontier Days is the announcement of the Grand Marshal. As always, the Charlotte Frontier Days Board had a tough time voting for just one person as the nominees received are outstanding folks that love their community and give so much of their time volunteering to make it a better place!
This year’s Grand Marshal is Mr. Joe Wimmer!
Mr. Wimmer and his family have lived in Charlotte for 35 years. He has been an active member of St. Mary’s Church and school where he has volunteered and served on several committees. St. Mary’s School is where he found his passion for teaching. He would volunteer in the different classrooms on Fridays so teachers could have a long weekend.
Mr. Wimmer is currently a Substitute Teacher for Charlotte Public Schools. His nomination form contained over 80 testimonials from students and staff members clearly demonstrating how well liked and respected he is! Here are just a few of the testimonials that really made an impression on us:
“Mr. Wimmer is a wonderful person who cares for his community. He is the most sought-after substitute in Charlotte Schools because of his ability to connect with all students. He has the biggest heart and cares deeply for the people who enter his life. He has served the community of Charlotte, first in the business community and now in our schools. He is more than just a substitute in our schools, he is family and he makes students and staff feel like family as well. He is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and works hard to teach students both academics, as well as much needed social skills.”
“Mr. Wimmer has inspired me to try harder in school and in life in general.”
“Mr.Wimmer is one of the only people that I know that can be relied on and always shows up when needed and has a smile on his face when doing it.”
“School is a better place with him in it. He helps all of us, cares for all of us and even comes to cheer us on at our sporting events.”
“Mr. Wimmer checks in on everyone to make sure we are safe and okay.”
“There were times I didn’t have a place to stay or food to eat. Mr. Wimmer offered to help me by making sure I had the things I needed.”
As you can see, Mr. Wimmer has made quite a lasting and powerful impact on the students he has taught and the school personnel he has subbed for. How many of us have seen instances of subs being disrespected and ignored? I asked Mr. Wimmer how he has been able to make such a strong connection with students as a substitute teacher. He told me about one of his first days as a sub in an Eaton Rapids High School Science class. He recalled stepping into the hallway and just hoping he could make it through the day. As the class started, the first student that entered the classroom said that she could see he was going to be a good sub. When he asked her why she thought that her response was “Because you’re smiling”. Mr. Wimmer has never forgotten that and is still smiling in every class he teaches today! He enjoys seeing the growth in students and encourages them to reach beyond their potential. Mr. Wimmer also tries to attend as many student events as possible. He has been to many concerts, plays and sporting events and the students always seem happy to see him there.
Mr. Wimmer has a favorite quote that serves as a daily reminder of how special each day is. “We can spend so much time looking for the big miracle that we often miss the many little ones before us each day.”. This quote has helped him through the loss of his late wife. He wanted to share it in hopes that it helps someone else as much as it has helped him.
I asked Mr. Wimmer if he had anything he’d like me to mention on his behalf. Here was his response:
“I would like to tell the people of Charlotte how very lucky they are to have such wonderful and caring teachers to work with their children. You have much to be thankful for knowing your children are in such good hands. Thank you, Frontier Days Committee, for allowing me this honor, I hope I can make you proud.”
Mr. Wimmer, we thank you for all you have done for the Charlotte community and especially for the students and teachers of Charlotte Public Schools. We are honored to have you as the Grand Marshal of our 50th Charlotte Frontier Days Festival!
Submitted by Charlotte Frontier Days