Deb Malewski
Contributing Writer

You may have noticed the small shop with quite the collection of “old stuff” sitting outside at the corner of West Lawrence and Lincoln Street in Charlotte. Furniture, spinning wheels, rocks, old beer bottles, and much more. The explanation? This and That, an antique, collectibles and music store, opened there in December of 2020.
Mark Telfor and Frank Rapin are the proprietors of This and That. Each one handles different aspects of the business.  “I’ve been going to auctions for 60 years,” Telfor said, and he has been collecting for 40 years. His grandfather had an antique store, and a friend got him into the business.
“We carry true antiques that are generally 100 years old or older,” Telfor explained, “things you are probably not going to find elsewhere.”
The 800 square foot store is divided into three rooms. Their inventory is displayed from floor to ceiling in each room, plus the items that can be placed outside. The time range of the items in the store goes from the 1840s to a few things from the 1960s for those who seek mid-century modern, Telfor stated.
“I am always willing to share my knowledge,” he explained. “If we don’t pass it on, the story of these things may not exist in 50 years.”
Rapin concentrates on the musical aspects of the store. There are currently about 45 guitars available in the shop, along with a few other stringed instruments.  “We have some guitars that are more art than guitar,” Telfor explained. “They are all previously owned instruments and are more likely to be considered beginner or entrance-level guitars.”
“The store inventory is constantly changing,” Telfor said. “I bring in about 200 items per week, some of them very unusual, and very rare items.”
“It’s been beyond all of our expectations,” he added. “We’ve been super well received here in Charlotte.” He estimates that they’ve had two to three thousand people through the store since they opened in December.
“It’s nice that there’s always something new, and no outrageous prices,” Michelle Calero of Bellevue said as she shopped in the store.  “I come here a couple of times a month and bring my friends.” Calero recently purchased a 1920 J. C. Higgins bicycle from the shop.
A unique item in the store is a Native American pow wow costume, circa 1930, made from colorful felt and handmade beads. Telfor purchased it from another antique dealer.  He has an 1856 apple peeler, an opium scale, an electrical insulator made from carnival glass, and lots of unusual kitchen gadgets.
They also will buy antiques from people. “I’ll buy almost anything, or at least have a look at it,” Telfor said.  They also attend auctions, buy estates, and use pickers to find new merchandise for the store.
“If I can buy it and make money off of it and you leave here happy, that’s great,” Telfor said.
This and That is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. It’s located at 635 West Lawrence Avenue. Contact them by calling 517-706-9825 (Mark Telfor) or 517-515-0040 (Frank Rapin for music).