Crissta Ames

Contributing writer

Clint Whitney is giving his wife, Stephanie, something very special this Christmas. He is returning home to Michigan after serving five years in the United States Navy, during which he was never able to spend significant time with his new bride. 

Whitney enlisted toward the beginning of 2014 and also worked with the Marine Corps and Blue Angels, the Navy’s demonstration team consisting of pilots from the Marines and the Navy. He was deployed to locations in the Asian Pacific. Africa, and the Middle East. 

“I spent most of my time deployed with the Marine Corps in Yemen combating terrorist compounds,” Whitney said. 

In 2017, he married Stephanie just before being deployed overseas once again, this time to Japan in support of South Korea. When he was finished there, he headed to San Diego and served time as military police. Now, he gets to go home. 

“I am finally going to be reunited with my wife, who is currently finishing her double major in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Wayne State University. She’s done an amazing job dealing with my absence for so long.” Whitney said. “This will be the first time we actually get to be together for more than a couple of weeks in our entire marriage.” 

The couple plans on growing a family in a house that they purchased in Eaton Rapids. Out of every place he’s been to around the world, Whitney believes that nothing compares to being home in Michigan.