Voters within the Charlotte Public Schools District rejected a proposed $29.85 bond by a mere 49 votes Tuesday, Nov. 6. The proposal, which represented a .9 mill increase for property owners within the district, was defeated 4,226 to 4,177.

Charlotte Public Schools Superintendent Mark Rosekrans said he was disappointed by the results and will work with the CPS Board of Education on the next steps. He said discussions regarding how the district plans to address the election results will begin at the board’s Nov. 12 regular meeting. 

“I believe much conversation needs to be held by the Board with input from the bond steering committee,” Rosekrans stated. “Further, I would think significant evaluation of any bond scope needs to happen. I also believe any decision or bond consideration needs to be thoroughly thought through and not an immediate reaction.  

“There clearly was a large voter turnout with over 8,400 ballots cast and a slim margin of defeat – 49 votes,” he added.

With such a slim margin, the possibility to place a bond before the voters in the near future could be a consideration, though Rosekrans made it clear it will be a board decision.

“At this time I have no idea what the Board of Education will do for next steps,” Rosekrans stated Wednesday morning. “It is their decision. We have not had an opportunity to assemble and talk.”

The proposed bond included capital improvements at every school building within the district, including the addition of an auxiliary gymnasium, new agricultural sciences pavilion, and tennis courts at Charlotte High School, three new classrooms at Washington Elementary School, the elimination of the portable classrooms at Washington and Parkview Elementary, and new classrooms at the re-opened Galewood Elementary School. 

“I would personally offer many thanks to the bond steering committee and the Board of Education for their work, efforts and vision for the school district,” Rosekrans stated.

The Nov. 12 board of education is an open meeting and begins at 6:30 p.m.