There will always be a need for the generosity of others. There are many worthy organizations within our communities that rely on the generosity of others, every day, just to keep their doors open. The fundraising for so many organizations can seem endless.

That’s what makes the Charlotte Generosity Fund, and its main contributor — the annual Generosity Celebration — so important. The fund’s sole purpose is to provide funds for non-profit organizations that work collaboratively with other organizations in an effort to positively affect one of the Seven Elements of a Healthy Community — Arts & Culture; Basic Needs; Health & Wellness; Education; Economy; Neighborhoods & Communities; and Environment.

Grant money is awarded annually — up to three per year — from interest generated by the Charlotte Generosity Fund, an endowed fund within the Eaton County Community Foundation. Funds raised through the Generosity Celebration and various private donations has reached $67,000 in six years.

The seventh annual event, scheduled for Thursday, March 8, at the Eaton Area Senior Center will add to that dollar amount, increasing the amount of interest generated and, in turn, increase the pot of money that can be granted in 2018.

“Our community has always had a uniquely generous nature, it’s so easy and natural for us to say who else can work with us,” said Barbara Fulton, one of the event organizers. “I feel like the whole idea behind this is, No. 1, the absolute belief our community is generous and collaborative. We needed a mechanism that worked financially. The establishment of this fund was such a huge stake in the ground, we’re going to pool our money and all of us are going to help get us there.”

Collaboration and generosity are a common theme of the event itself. Tom McNeil, owner of Country House Catering, has donated the food each year. Several local businesses and organizations also donate to the event, meaning nearly 100 percent of the proceeds benefit the generosity fund.

In addition to heavy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar, live entertainment will be provided by Windwalker Underground Gallery artists, Kendall Cassella, and The Dangling Particples. Local non-profits will have the opportunity to participate in a game in an effort to win a gift basket.

The 3rd annual Living a Generous Life award will be presented at the event as well.

The seventh annual Generosity Celebration will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Eaton Area Senior Center, located at 804 S. Cochran Avenue in Charlotte. Tickets are available at Fay’s Evelyn Bay, The County Journal, the Eaton Area Senior Center and Windwalker Underground Gallery.

For more information, call (517) 588-1244.