Fresh bread, sliced meat, melted cheese, are the beloved scents of any deli or sandwich shop. Walking in the door is half the experience at beloved local eateries. But what if the eatery isn’t so local? What if it’s part of a large chain? Does it necessarily lose its charm?

I know I’m guilty of knocking major chain restaurants over smaller, locally owned establishments. I’m always looking for an experience just as much as I’m looking for quality food and welcoming service. While I’ll always enjoy my time with good company wherever I am, it’s still nice to try something new, something small.

Subway doesn’t exactly fit the parameters of what one might look for in a local deli. But how does that take away from its charm? In the end we’re looking for something that’s filling, something made well, and something that catches the senses. Every Subway I’ve ever walked into does exactly that, and Dimondale Subway is no different.

Part of the Dimondale Express Mart, the Dimondale Subway is like many other gas station/Subway pairs. Swing in, fill up the gas tank, grab a quick sub, then head off down the road. But in a village the size of Dimondale, sometimes restaurant options are limited. How many places are there for a lunch stop during the workday? What kind of variety is there?

Subway not only has options for any kind of eater, it fits many of the desired categories for a local stop. It’s close, it’s fast, and it grabs the senses. There are seasonal specials that the dedicated customer waits for throughout the year. During the winter months, customers can enjoy pastrami, or corned beef. For the vegetarians it’s easy to construct a filling veggie sub. More than many locally owned places, Dimondale caters its subs to the customer’s palate.

Located just around the corner from the main strip of the village on Bridge Street, the Dimondale Subway is a moment’s drive or brisk walk from the hub of activity. Thirsty customers at Dimes Brewhouse can take a break and soak up some of the beer with a turkey sub, or an Italian BMT. With residential neighborhoods surrounding it, the Subway is a close hangout for teens, or a meeting spot for retired seniors.

The Dimondale Subway is centrally located and is more than the regular road trip Subway off the highway. It’s the spot for the local worker looking for a lunch trip on a slow Tuesday afternoon, as well as the fast grab on a busy Monday. It’s a place to run into a neighbor, or to recognize a familiar face who’s serving behind the counter.

One can be hard pressed to find one place that fulfills so many roles in a community. Not many restaurants simultaneously act as the local favorite and the big name on the block, but Dimondale Subway acts as the connecting point of both. The smells of fresh bread, sliced meat, and melted cheese can make one feel at home wherever they’re found.