Amy Jo Kinyon
Flashes Editor

The dress, shoes, tuxedo, transportation, dinner, and pictures: when it comes to prom the list of things that need to be purchased seems endless. On top of the accessories, the venue must be booked and decorations hung.
The sophomore class officers at Maple Valley High School are working to alleviate some of the financial burden and create a memorable event. The group is selling tickets in a giveaway featuring a homemade quilt. The design features a purple pattern and is “super nice and fluffy,” described Secretary Baileigh Schrader.
Cheryl Wood constructed the quilt and donated it to the sophomore class to help alleviate the costs of not only prom but also next year’s senior trip. After this lavender creation is awarded to the lucky winner, Wood has plans to create another quilt made out of Maple Valley shirts.
“We really want to create a memorable prom,” said class treasurer Hannah McGlocklin.
The officers have already been hard at work organizing the event that will take place aboard the Michigan Princess riverboat. Paraprofessional Cheryl Ellison said the commitment and work ethic of the students have shown makes it easy to plan events fundraisers.
“They are a very energetic class. They are good kids who are working hard to take care of their class,” said Ellison. “This is just an awesome group to work with.”
Vice President Emma Franklin is quick to credit the parents and volunteers who support the students and all their efforts.
“We have a solid group of parents who are willing to help,” said Franklin.
Tickets for the giveaway are available by contacting any of the class officers or Ellison at