Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., visitors and residents are welcomed to Dimondale to tour the Village, hear about its history, experience its unique businesses, and discover the things that make Dimondale a worthwhile place to be.

Lori Conarton, member of both the Dimondale Business Association and the Dimondale Recreation Taskforce, helped initiate and organize the event, and she’s optimistic about the influence the event will have on public opinion of the village.

Conarton is a lifelong resident of Dimondale. She’s experienced how great the small town atmosphere can be, yet recognizes how difficult it can be for outsiders to make the visit. The event isn’t just for visitors, however. Discover Dimondale is for residents as well, to know how much unseen opportunity exists within their own area.

“It’s about highlighting what we have,” said Conarton.

Everything from businesses, walking trails, specialty food, services, and history will be part of the Discover Dimondale festivities. Some of the lesser-known features of the event will include a mock farmers market, the historic walking trail, and sneak peak at the new Dimes Brewhouse.

Every event is free to the public, but visitors are free to shop and eat to their hearts’ content. There will be presentations about fishing, water recreation, the local library, and more.

“People haven’t been to Dimondale to see what it’s all about. It’s a great opportunity to come here,” said Conarton. “It’ll be a family friendly event with something for everyone to come and do here.”

Conarton is particularly proud of Dimondale for having a business district that is at 99 percent capacity. For being a small village, she believes this is quite the accomplishment, especially following an economic recession. Dimes Brewhouse is one example of the growth and enthusiasm for owning and operating a business in Dimondale.

One of the other great characteristics of Dimondale is the walkability of the village, according to Conarton. So many of the village favorites are within a short walking distance, an appealing trait for many visitors.

Conarton encourages residents and visitors to take time for this first Discover Dimondale Day. With enough participation she hopes that the event will foster an annual celebration of Dimondale’s resources and character. To learn more about Discover Dimondale Day, readers can visit, or the Discover Dimondale Facebook page.