Cairo Schinkel
Contributing Writer

Eaton county offers tons of fun summer activities. Summer is an exciting time of year with the kids off school, and warm, inviting weather. Lots of people go on long camping trips or on faraway adventures. But there is a surprising number of things that can be a day trip or even just a small outing nearby.
Fitzgerald Park in Grand ledge has a complete 18-hole disc golf course, hiking, and fishing. It’s a great place for families to spend the day with a playground for kids, hiking trails with a view of ancient ledges, and fishing off the Grand River. No doubt, there is something for everyone and it’s easy to spend hours at the park, lost in its beauty.
Crandell Lake, Charlotte, has a couple similar offerings. It is a popular fishing spot (catch and release only) and hiking as well. The lake is Eaton County’s largest, at an impressive 160 acres with depths up to 35 feet, perfect for a dip to cool off on a hot day. The path that goes around the lake is a great hike, run or walk. Non-motorized boats are allowed and lots of people enjoy bringing kayaks, canoes, and even paddle boards. “Crandell lake is a chill fun place to go to, usually there’s not a lot of people there and it’s a nice place to spend your day,” Avery Jones said. He enjoys going there to run and even swim. With boating, fishing, trails, and a refreshing lake, it makes a great day trip.
Many people are enjoying facets of summer that were closed last year due to COVID. Mooville, Eaton Rapids, now offers in door seating. This can be a sweet relief on hot days to cool down in the air conditioning and get a cup of delicious ice cream. They also have a couple of tables outside to enjoy the sun, or just take it on the go and head to one of the Eaton Rapids playgrounds. “Mooville has such a warm welcoming atmosphere that always smells delicious,” Janelle Ostrowski said. It’s a lovely place and the staff is sure to make you feel right at home.
Eaton Theatre in Charlotte is another place that offers air conditioning. Last summer most movie theaters weren’t open, which makes a trip to local Eaton Theatre all the sweeter. On a hot summer day, taking a trip to see a movie at the theater and enjoying a walk in Charlotte’s charming town is a relaxing way to spend some time.
Fitzgerald, Crandell Lake, Mooville, and Eaton Theatre are just a few of Eaton County’s summer delights and there is sure to be something new and exciting to do without traveling far. Summer is a wonderful time of year, and the joys Eaton County has a lot to offer make it all the better.