Deb Malewski
Contributing Writer

LAFCU Credit Union recently selected ten talented Michigan artists to be featured, along with their artwork, on billboards around the state. Madison Miller, 24, of Charlotte, is one of those selected.  Charlotte’s Eaton Theatre is also a part of this artistic endeavor as they will be digitally displaying the art on their movie screen.
The art will also be displayed on over 60 different billboards across the state of Michigan and at the Jackson Field, home of the Lansing Lugnuts, as daily reminders of the values that they represent.
LAFCU created this project as a way to showcase artwork that emphasizes one of ten words related to love and equality. The ten words are change, empathy, heal, hope, humanity, kind, love, one, peace, and unity. Each artist (and some worked with several other artists as a group) illustrated what their selected word meant to them.
Miller chose “Love” as her word.  “I was inspired by the idea of love in all of its forms and the characteristics that build it,” explained Miller.
“Compassion, love, and gratitude are three simple words to act upon in this life,” she added. “Let everyone have the freedom to love and pursue their happiness.” Her piece shows two hands, the fingers touching and forming a heart. Kind words, such as harmony, justice, patience, and appreciation, are placed over the hands.
While various mediums were allowed, Miller chose to do her work digitally. She used the Procreate App on her iPad.  Miller specializes in photography and graphic design in her artwork. She majored in photography and intermedia at Western Michigan University with a minor in marketing. Much of her graphic design skills are self-taught, she said. She has had a passion for art for as long as she can remember.
Miller has lived in Charlotte her entire life. She is currently working for Glenn Buege Chevrolet as a sales and leasing consultant as well as the Digital Marketer for their website and social media for the dealership.
This is not the first time her artistic talents have been recognized. In 2019, her photograph “Fortress” was selected for an exhibition at Specto Art Space in Pennsylvania. Her photographs have also been featured in exhibitions in the Kalamazoo area. She plans on continuing to take photos as much as possible and to continue to explore digital illustration.
“I appreciate the opportunity to work with LAFCU in this amazing art initiative,” said Miller, “and to thank Kellie Swiger and Jan Jenkins of LAFCU for organizing the initiative.”