Mary Burleson

Contributing Writer

Located in Potterville on Pearl Street, Cole’s Tree Care is there to serve all your tree needs in the mid-Michigan area. They are also active within their community and make sure to give back to the environment. They are truly a company that cares about trees and their customers. Cole’s Tree Care is run by owner Justin Cole. They provide many services such as removing trees, trimming or pruning trees, planting trees, brush clean-up, firewood sales and emergency clean-up. Cole’s doesn’t use spikes to access high limbs, as they can damage trees and traumatize them. Instead, they use climbing ropes and harnesses to protect the trees. In 2019, they also added a bucket truck to help take care of trees safely. After recent storms, Cole’s has been very busy. They shared that it is very important to have a tree care professional take care of any jagged edges or hanging limbs after storms. “This can cripple tree growth and leave trees susceptible to disease.” It can also be dangerous to families. If you recently experienced any storm damage, be sure to give Cole’s a call! At Cole’s, they believe in “Take a tree, plant a tree.” They offer to give their customers a free sapling to plant when they do business. They also donate trees every Arbor Day to the City of Potterville in addition to planting hundreds of trees to replace the trees they cut down throughout the year. “We really want to do our part and give back to the environment.” It is easy to see that owner Justin Cole has a passion for working with trees and truly loves his business. He takes care of both his customers and the environment. Many testimonials from satisfied customers can be found on Facebook and the company website. What sets Cole’s apart from others in the business is professionalism, work ethic and neighborly helpfulness.   For more information on Cole’s Tree Care you can visit their website at, visit their Facebook page @colestreecare, or give them a call at 517-490-6200. Be sure to ask about their free estimates! And remember, you can count on Cole’s because they care about you.