Deb Malewski

Contributing Writer

Pawsibilities Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue located in Olivet, run by Connie Friedly. It began about four years ago, and since then has blossomed with many incredible pet owners and animals who’ve found their new forever homes. Pawsibilities is funded by donations and staffed with volunteers. It is located on Friedly’s large farm where the animals are comfortable and safe.
It’s not just dogs and cats that are rescued at Pawsibilities. Livestock, fowl and exotic birds, snakes, reptiles, exotic animals, and other small animals are taken in and cared for, based on the space available. The goal is to keep the animals comfortable and happy until a new home can be found. Right now, they have an abundance of Guinea pigs, Friedly said, with nine adult Guinea pigs and a pregnant female.
Rescuing animals has been a passion for Friedly since she was a little girl. She wants to find a good home for every animal, and if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, she will take the animal back. Her passion for saving animals has enabled Friedly to educate and help many shelters and private rescues for the past 50 years, and to develop many connections to provide the best for every animal that is in her care.
Pawsibilities Rescue receives dogs from owner surrenders, local shelters and often works with in and out-of-state agencies to rescue and re-home dogs. They recently received a transfer of dogs from Oklahoma, where the dogs had spent quite some time in a shelter there, waiting for homes. Some of the dogs are still available for adoption.
“If you have it in your heart to adopt, we are in very dire need of homes for some wonderful dogs,” Friedly said. “They have such sweet personalities. Come and see them!”
Pets are adopted by appointment only. There is an adoption fee, which varies depending on the veterinary care the animal has needed. For those interested in adopting, Friedly urges them to contact her through the website or by email for more information.
Friedly also wants people in the surrounding communities to know that if they need help feeding their pet, to contact the rescue, and they will provide information on how to get help.
An expanded cat area is in the works this summer for Pawsibilities, Friedly said. The cats will be able to get more exercise and play while waiting to be adopted.
Volunteers of all ages are always needed at Pawsibilities to do a variety of helpful jobs from dog walking to lawn mowing. “There’s a lot of upkeep here so any help is greatly appreciated,” Friedly said. Children under 16 must have an adult present while volunteering.
One of the biggest needs of the agency is help with veterinary costs. Spay and neuter donations are always needed, Friedly said. “It’s an expensive procedure, even for a non-profit rescue,” Friedly added.
You can learn more about Pawsibilities Rescue on Facebook @PawsibilitiesMI. You can also find Pawsibilities’ adoptable animals on Instagram @pawsibilities.eatoncounty,, and
Pawsibilities is located at 2200 Bellevue Highway in Olivet. Call or text 517-652-9353 for more information.