By Deb Malewski

Not everyone loves Eaton Rapids, of course. But those who do, really do. There is a certain passion about what this town has to offer, and many appreciate it. They enjoy a sense of security, neighbors helping neighbors and a strong community connectivity. Yes, they know it’s not perfect, there are problems and crime just like everywhere else. But they recognize what it has to offer and appreciate the life in Eaton Rapids.

The beauty of the community was important to many.

Janell Bush said, “I love the parades and the tree-lined and lighted Main Street at night.” 

Tammie Driggs agrees: “When you come into town at night and see the lights on the trees. I think that is beautiful!”

The small-town connectivity is what several commented about. Knowing your neighbors. 

“Seeing friends and customers around town, taking a minute to say hi, and spending time building friendships,” is important to Jaime Lawson.

Laura DeLong explained that the town feels, “more like family. When someone needs help the community steps up to help as a family would.”

Jennifer Mills echoes the family connection.  

“With technology and Facebook I can put out a shout for help and the community is so receptive and willing to help. That is what you call family. I love our town.”

Kerry Colestock commented: “I’ve lived here for 32 years and what I love most about this small town is the people. It’s refreshing to watch families come together for different events throughout the year.”

The historical aspect of the city is important, especially to those whose families were part of the early history of the town. 

Nathan Foote feels connected to Eaton Rapids, “because Rose Hill contains five generations of our family members who were all important to the history of our city.” 

Likewise, Mari Lin Pettit stressed the importance of the rich history, which makes Eaton Rapids great. 

Mark McGee also noted the historical aspect of the town, plus the even brighter future he expects.

Pam Colestock: “I’d say what I love most is the small-town charm. Knowing many people when you walk down the street, being friends with neighbors, and growing up here I have a great family history.”

Lindsay Peters said, “I have three things that stick out to me. First, I love the hometown pride. Second, it seems like everywhere I travel, I meet people with a connection to Eaton Rapids. Finally, when there is a need, the community pulls together to fulfill it.”

Leah South said, “I love how everyone in the community gets together to help others in need. The response is almost immediate, and the support is overwhelming.”

Carol Oliver said, “Eaton Rapids is where my heart is. My beloved grandmother was born here, and I met the love of my life here.”

It was easy to get responses to this topic, but space is limited in including them all!

We love Eaton Rapids!