Inspiring stories come from thousands of places. Everybody’s story is unique in its own way, but stories of people stepping out of their norm and comfort to help others are especially uplifting. They make us wonder how someone could give so sacrificially of themselves and be so centered on the needs of others.

One story in Eaton Rapids is both inspiring and unexpected.

Morgan Scarbro is 13 years old. She’s a student in Eaton Rapids, as well as a regular beauty pageant participant. She likes horses, spending time with friends, and other activities any normal teenager enjoys. But Morgan also enjoys helping people, so she started her own charity organization, Morgan’s HUGS, which aims to lend assistance to wounded veterans and children in need.

Morgan’s HUGS was started when Morgan was five years old. For most of her young life she’s recognized how many people are less fortunate than she is. Now with a platform of her own, Morgan aims to help as many people as she can. She’s hosted dozens of events to collect funds and resources for veterans and children.

This September she’s hosted two events. The most recent was this week, Tuesday, Sept. 19. At the Eaton Rapids Administration Building were dozens of tables with everything from food to clothing. It was an opportunity for low-income families to collect items for the school year. The event was a kickoff for the 2017-2018 school year.

Local businesses offered their support for the event. There were bounce houses for children and food and drinks for visitors. The whole thing was quite a sight to see. Families came to gather what they needed to support their children through another tight-budget school year, while enjoying a laid back celebration of the end of the summer and beginning of fall. And at the center, entertaining questions from locals, keeping track of goings on at the event, and trying to still have fun with her friends was Morgan, a 13 year old who still has homework to do.

“She wants everyone to have the same advantages as her. She wants to make everyone happy and take care of people,” said Patti Christmas, a close family friend and spokesperson for Morgan’s HUGS.

No one, including Morgan knows what Morgan’s HUGS will blossom into. Right now she’s still a high school freshman who has the responsibilities of every other high school student. But Morgan has taken it upon herself to go above and beyond. She feels it’s a responsibility to serve others regardless of what other things are going on in everyday life. It’s not lost on her that she’s getting media attention, and to her that’s kind of the point. She hopes people, especially her peers, will see her example and start doing their part help those in need.

“Most kids my age have the time and energy to do what I do,” said Morgan.

Morgan has been interviewed by a number of larger news media organizations. But for the Flashes community, we just get to marvel at the ingenuity and selflessness of one of our own. A homegrown, organic Eaton Rapids teenager who just wants to help her community.