Eaton Theatre MarqueeThe funding for a full transformation is not yet in place, however, John and Sue McNeel knew they needed to get the ball rolling on a project to revitalize the Eaton Theatre marquee. This past week, contractors replaced the roof on the marquee canopy, an important first step in the project.
“The drains that ran back into the building were not functioning anymore,” Sue said. “They had to tear it all off and give us more of a flat roof up there. It was supposed to be a one-day job, but it was pretty extensive and wound up taking a few extra days.”
Sue said the entire project will likely take place in stages. Despite the slower pace, she and John have not given up on their goal of bringing the Theatre marquee back to life.
“We’re still in a holding pattern,” Sue said. “We’re waiting to see what kind of state funding we can take advantage of through the work being done by #CharlotteRising.”
John and Sue purchased the Eaton Theatre from her father in 2011, and have since done extensive renovating to the inside of both theatres, including new carpeting, digital projectors, and refurbished seating. The outside of the building is the next project to tackle.
Replacing the lights on the marquee and restoring the signage could cost upwards of $30,000. The Theatre has hosted a couple fundraisers over the summer to raise funding. Future fundraisers have not been planned at this point, Sue said.