The pain of Eric Rogers’ sudden death was weighing heavy on the hearts and minds of family and staff at Eric Rogers LLC as fresh snow fell just days after his passing. In true Eric fashion, though, they pushed through, honoring contracts signed and services promised to many local businesses, individuals and organizations.
“We had guys who hadn’t even worked here in a while coming in to help out,” said Aimee Robles, Eric’s wife and business partner. “I think that shows what kind of guy he was.”
Eric started working for Crandell Bros. Trucking while still in high school, eventually building his own successful business, which he started in 1996. Over the past nine years, the business has grown with Aimee by his side. His strong work ethic and her business savvy allowed the business to flourish and expand to service commercial and residential clients year round.
Though mourning his tragic loss, Aimee said she is determined to keep the business going. She said that’s exactly what Eric would have wanted.
“We’re going to take his legacy and move forward and try to do this,” Aimee said. “Even though I was heavily involved as the office manager, we’re on a complete learning curve. There is so much that he just knew in his head. We weren’t prepared for this. You’re not supposed to die so young.”
Aimee said she is relying heavily on crew leader, Trevor Swan, who has worked for Eric Rogers, LLC for the past six years. The business employs between 15 and 20 crewmembers depending on the season and Aimee said customers can expect the same kind of service from Eric Rogers, LLC they’ve always received.
“This is such a big loss, but the company will march on,” Aimee said.
Eric Rogers, LLC provides lawn and snow maintenance, sealcoating, hot rubber crackfill, striping, and patchwork. For more information, visit or call (517) 543-7126.