Isabelle Whiting
Contributing Writer

Brent and Julie Crossman have both been teaching for 25 years. Brent Crossman teaches within the history department at Charlotte High School and his wife Julie Crossman teaches within the science department at Charlotte High School. As a history teacher Brent teaches Advanced Placement US History, Advanced Placement European History, Government and Economics. As a science teacher Julie teaches Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, and Earth Science. Brent Crossman is Charlotte High School’s girls and boys golf coach. Julie Crossman is also one of Charlotte High Schools NHS Advisors. Brent Crossman says, “my favorite part of the job is building relationships with students in the classroom and on the course.” Julie Crossman’s favorite part of her job is working with students and she is never bored at work. Julie says, “Sharing creative ways to learn material including demonstrations, hands-on activities, and analogies. Teenagers make my job interesting, challenging, and rewarding.”
The Crossmans live in Charlotte with their daughters Lauren and Elise and their dog Lulu. Lauren Crossman attends Kalamazoo College and Elise is a junior at Charlotte High School. Brent is a graduate of Western Michigan University and Michigan State University and Julie graduated from Western Michigan  and from Michigan State. Brent’s sister is the person who has inspired him most. She died of a brain tumor in 1997. Brent said, “When I was 22 years old, she taught me what courage looked like and it changed my life forever.” Many people inspire Julie. She is often inspired by her students in different ways. Her family also inspires her. “From a student that is always positive and friendly to the student that is overcoming many obstacles to be successful. Lauren is passionate about making the world a better place and is interested in Journalism and Political Science. Elise is one of the most positive and friendly people you will ever meet. Both are kind and fun. Mr. Crossman also inspires me to be a better person because he is one of the nicest, hardworking people you will ever meet.” Brent’s favorite quote is “Live Life to the Fullest, because in the big picture, we get a short stay.” Julie does not have a favorite quote but rather likes all inspirational quotes.
Brent’s favorite part of the day is spending time with his family. Julie’s favorite part of her day is the evening or nighttime. “I like to stay up late but then need to sleep in, so it doesn’t always work out very well with school,” said Julie. “My perfect day would be on vacation on Hilton Head Island golfing or at our cabin in the Upper Peninsula with my family,” said Brent. Julie likes traveling and seeing new places her perfect day would be spent exploring somewhere new or visiting the beach with family and friends. If Brent had an extra hour in his day, he would spend it with family taking their dog for an extra-long walk. “During the school year, I wish I had more time to spend doing fun things. Playing games, being outside, trying out new restaurants, looking around in stores, walking the dog, baking, or cooking, watching movies.” When asked if he has a hidden talent Brent said, “My hidden talent is that I can shake my eyeballs.” Julie’s hidden talent is finding things that her family members have lost as well as organizing and problem solving.