Deb Malewski
Contributing Writer

Alex Larner and his wife, Makayla, moved to Eaton Rapids from Lansing not too long ago. Downsizing at his place of work prompted Larner to do some thinking outside the box. He took a flour-y plunge and started his own bakery business to help pay the bills, starting Log Cabin Confections out of his home.
He has been on a journey to bake wholesome food with farm fresh ingredients, free of artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives ever since, Larner explained
“Healthy can taste good,” he said about his baked goods at the Eaton Rapids Community Market. “It doesn’t have to be a vegetable smoothie to be healthy eating.”
He chose the name “Log Cabin Confections” as the log cabin is so uniquely Michigan, he said. Plus, he wants his baked goods to be “the same type of baked good that your grandmother probably made.”
Larner has had no culinary training. As a child, his parents gave him free rein in the kitchen. He started out baking apple pies, using an old recipe dating back five generations. Christmas cookies, with help from the 1960 Betty Crocker cookbook, further inspired his culinary interests.
When presented with an opportunity to travel to Ireland with his church for three months, he used his baking skills to fundraise for the trip. Upon returning home, he realized the difference between Irish baked goods and the ones available here. He wanted to offer baked goods like what he had enjoyed in Ireland, with no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial color or preservatives, using organic grains, whole wheat, and farm-fresh butter and eggs.
Under Michigan’s Cottage Food Law, Larner can make and sell foods that do not require time and/or temperature control for safety produced in his home kitchen for direct sale to customers at farmers markets, farm markets, roadside stands or other direct markets.
Larner sells at the Eaton Rapids Community Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Charlotte Artisans and Farmers Market on Thursdays and the Springport Farmers Market on Tuesday. He only started selling seriously about two weeks ago, and his sales have done very well.
“Regular cinnamon rolls are the most popular item that I sell,” Larner explained, “followed closely by the maple bacon cinnamon rolls.” His newest product is a pumpkin gingerbread loaf, full of spices and organic pumpkin.
Customer Marty Barlond commented “Best baked goods EVER!” about Log Cabin Confections.
His menu features honey whole wheat bread, sweet bread, banana bread, pumpkin gingerbread, cinnamon rolls, maple bacon cinnamon rolls, cinnamon swirl bread, pumpernickel bread, Italian herb  bread, banana bread, and zucchini bread.
Whole wheat flour is used in his recipes, and he’s developed a way to make sure it’s not too dense, that it’s soft yet hearty. Honey is generally used as a sweetener. He uses organic wheat, milk, sugar, eggs and spices purchased locally. Soon organic butter will be added to the list.
His dream is to someday open a storefront to sell his baked goods, plus offer sit down dining to customers.
You can contact Larner at or call 517-512-9420. Visit their website at or on Facebook at LogCabinConfectionsMI