Bill Mitchell

Age: 63

Occupation: Retired: Mechanical Designer, Part time: Instructional Electrical Lab Technician at Lansing Community College

Family:  Wife of 40 years, Carol Mitchell; son, Justin Mitchell; daughter, Carli Silvas; grandchildren, Hayden, Leah, and Charlotte Mitchell, and Avery and Cruz Silvas.

Why are you running for this position?

It never occurred to me to run for elected office until I started attending city council meetings and witnessed the questionable manor in which the tax dollars of the citizens of Charlotte are spent. I decided that it was my duty to attempt to stem this practice. The restoration of our city council to a more responsible body that represents the needs of the citizens of our wonderful city became my goal.

What makes you qualified to represent the citizens of Charlotte?

I have owned a home here in Charlotte for 23 years. I have had two children graduate from Charlotte High School, so I know and understand many of the issues germane to many of the citizens of Charlotte. I am semi-retired so I have the time to study the important issues and act on them with the best interest of the City of Charlotte and its citizens in mind.

What are three key concerns facing your district and how can they be addressed?

  1. One of my main concerns is, as I am sure it is with most citizens, is the condition of the streets in town. I believe, with proper emphasis on funding options, we can move towards the goal of upgrading the general condition of the roads without undue financial burden on citizens or business.
  2. Another big concern is the problem of empty storefronts in our town. This is a very multifaceted issue that is at the heart of the health of Charlotte as a community. Not only do we need more “mom and pop” run businesses downtown, we also need to find a method of bringing and retaining larger industrial based business to our area. This will take some effort and aggressive action on the parts of not only the city council, but other area leadership boards as well, all working towards the same goals.
  3. Public safety has recently become more of an issue, with reports of vandalism and attacks on people minding their own business. This trend must be reversed so the citizens of Charlotte can feel comfortable knowing their property is secure and their personal safety is at the lowest level of risk possible. This is a relatively emerging issue that will take cooperation between the City and all law enforcement agencies in the area to resolve. This is a “Front Burner” issue for me.

Although there are many other issues that need attention, these are three I think are important to many citizens in town.

How can people learn more about you and your campaign?

As I am running for District 1 unopposed, after Nov. 3, people in my district with questions, concerns or comments will be able to reach me at the city council email account that will be set up for me. I am looking forward to serving the citizens of Charlotte and I welcome any positive input you may provide. In fact, it is critical to interact regularly with the public to provide the best representation possible and I encourage all to participate.