Aj Brown
Contributing Writer

With the smell of sweetness in the air, the cases at the newly opened Willow Tree Bakery in Nashville are full of baked goodness. The bakery is now the second site of Willow Tree, the first location is in the City of Olivet and it seemed a natural move to expand to Nashville. The site was formerly a bakery before lying dormant for months. Bakery manager Rayanne Sipka said the facility and the community have been a perfect fit for the business.
“It’s been great,” said Sipka. “We’ve gotten an incredibly warm welcome from the town of Nashville.”
The charm of a small business in a quaint village is not lost on Sipka. She already has a handful of regulars and has their orders memorized. The familiar faces, warm greetings each day and growing friendships have created a picturesque story for Sipka.
“I feel like I’m working in a Hallmark movie or the café from Gilmore Girls,” explained Sipka with a laugh.
Located at 223 North Main Street, the bakery is right in the heart of Nashville. Sipka said the support of residents and other small businesses has made her feel right at home.
“I love the people here,” said Sipka.
With cases of fritters, donuts, cookies, brownies and more, Willow Tree of Nashville has brought a sweet new flavor to the village and it has benefited both Sipka and her co-baker Blake Smith.
Smith takes satisfaction in knowing his work is enjoyed by others and looks forward to making the donuts each day.
“I love it – the donuts, the people. It’s nice knowing how much people like what I create. I’m loving what I do,” said Smith.