Submitted by Olivet College

(Photo provided: Bellevue Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark McGarry, Bellevue Board of Education President Seth Madry and Olivet College President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D. (L to R) signed the Olivet Direct! agreement on May 18. Olivet Direct! gives qualified Bellevue Community Schools seniors direct admission to the College.)


Bellevue Community Schools students will now be automatically admitted to Olivet College, thanks to Olivet Direct!, a program that makes the admissions process faster and easier for high achieving students. President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D., and Bellevue Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark McGarry signed the Olivet Direct! agreement on May 18.

Direct admission allows students to lock in their acceptance and financial aid award without requiring them to undergo a lengthy admissions process. Bellevue is the sixth Olivet Direct! partner, joining Bangor, Bloomingdale, Charlotte, Olivet and Potterville schools.

“Olivet College is excited to welcome Bellevue Community Schools to Olivet Direct!. More graduates of Bellevue will be able to attend Olivet College and benefit from our generous financial awards structure while remaining close to home,” said Corey. “A four-year degree increases a person’s lifetime earnings, opens the door to countless career possibilities, broadens life experiences, and offers opportunities to build lasting friendships and mentorships with diverse populations. An Olivet College education alters the trajectory of a person’s life.”

Bellevue Community Schools high school students may also qualify for the Olivet College ADVANTAGE Scholarship, which covers the full cost of published tuition and general fees after all federal, state, and institutional grants and scholarships are applied. To qualify for free tuition, seniors must be eligible for the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, be Pell-eligible and have been a Michigan resident for at least one year. The Olivet College ADVANTAGE Scholarship aims to guarantee students, especially first-generation students and those from low-to-moderate-income families throughout Michigan, a quality, relationship-based college experience.

McGarry said, “We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Olivet College to eliminate barriers and open up new opportunities for our high school graduates. Together, we aim to empower our students and enable them to explore a world of possibilities.”

Established in 1844, Olivet College is a residential, relationship-based institution in south-central Michigan. The College remains dedicated to its academic vision of Education for Individual and Social Responsibility by providing a quality higher education to all, regardless of gender, race or financial means. Olivet College is committed to each student’s personal, academic, and career success from enrollment to graduation. The College offers 34 majors and 26 minors, including a nationally-ranked insurance and risk management major, criminal justice, business, sports psychology and more. Olivet College graduates have the confidence to be more than they ever dreamed and the conscience to do good in the world around them.

Bellevue Community Schools serves 588 preschool through grade 12 students, providing an environment of academic excellence and social and emotional support for each student. Its vision is to challenge students to strive for academic excellence and personal accomplishment resulting in confident leaders who are equipped to make a positive impact on society.