School StoreSink or swim, 31 students at Charlotte High School are about to get a taste of what it takes to operate a business. The Oriole Nest Student Store opened for business Wednesday, Nov. 4 to a crowd of students in the lobby of Charlotte High School.
Everything, from the interviews and hiring to the stocking of the shelves, will fall on the students’ shoulders as this real world application project got underway with students from Tina VanSyckle’s business management class.
“Personally, I hope it starts slow so everyone can get into a routine,” said David Eberhard, a sophomore at Charlotte High School and one of five managers of the student store.
As one of the managers, Eberhard said his job is to make sure everything routine is handled and to be available for things that may not have been covered in their training. He said interviewing his fellow classmates for various positions within the store was a fun perk of his position.
“Everyone was really prepared from the start,” Eberhard said. “A lot of people are really suited for their jobs.”
VanSyckle said the store will start small, offering flavored and regular coffee, hot chocolate and will be exploring food options.
“With all of the regulations on school meals, we have to be very conscious of calorie counts, serving size and fat content,” VanSyckle said. “Brian Latty in food services has been really helpful.”
VanSyckle said the students will also operate an online apparel store, featuring CHS spirit wear. She teamed with Johnnie Macs and the Charlotte Athletic Boosters and will get the online site up and running soon.
“This is a great opportunity for kids to engage in a real business,” said Bill Barnes, Charlotte High School principal. “It’s an opportunity for real-life application of the principles they’re learning about. We talk a lot about Oriole Pride and this store will give these students a great sense of pride within themselves.”
Currently, the Oriole Nest Student Store is open 15 minutes before school and 30 minutes during lunch. VanSyckle said they will also explore the possibility of being open during special school events.