Capital improvements within and around the City of Potterville are beneficial to our community, and help to draw visitors from nearby cities to Potterville to utilize the amenities and facilities we have to offer. We are currently working on planning projects in the heart of downtown Potterville – especially capital projects that provide beneficial perks to our residents.
We have four parks in the city; the one we are focused on for this capital project is City Park. The park’s downtown location makes it an ideal attraction. Not only is it connected via a tunnel to Potterville Public Schools, it is adjacent to M-100 where busy traffic from Grand Ledge or Charlotte enters the city. This park is utilized daily and features our Imagination Station, a wooden built playground structure.
Currently, City Park is the only park with a basketball court. In the past, the court was not maintained as it should have been, nor was it safe to use. The court had a drain in the middle, and sections of the concrete pad were heaving and rising, causing cracks to form and creating hazards for someone to easily trip or stumble. The hoops were located only on the north half of the court, leaving the south half an empty concrete slab that was not being utilized.
The proposed capital project was to install a 50 foot by 50 foot basketball court in the existing space with a concrete base, a basketball hoop with backboard, a key, and a three-point arch. After receiving bids for the project, the dilapidated basketball court was demolished, and the City moved to the next phase of reconstruction. Potterville’s school colors – maroon and gold – will be added to the concrete pad. The school colors are echoed throughout town, including other capital projects such as the water tower and the new city signs. It is a welcoming addition to the design of these projects.
Once completed, the new basketball court in City Park will be an inviting feature for the community. The safe and fun court will encourage more play for youth, residents and visitors alike. Conveniently located near two pavilions and a little league baseball field, newly planted grass will make this area look cleaner and have a smooth flow from one park amenity to the next. It will be a beautiful sight to attract traffic coming over the M-100 bridge.
Submitted by Aaron Sheridan, City Manager for the City of Potterville