Crissta Ames

Contributing Writer

The Maple Valley Athletic Boosters has helped Maple Valley schools in getting a new scorer’s table, new advertising signs, new iPads, and a special opportunity to participate in athletics without the worry of financial burden.

According to the Boosters president, Tal Gearhart, in addition to the material assets that the Boosters have helped Maple Valley get, the district has also earned enough money to eliminate their pay-to-play policy. Without pay-to-play, students can have the opportunity to play a sport without worrying about it being too much of an extra financial burden. A study done in 2016 by Utah State University shows that the average family spends $2,292 per year on sports. This includes participation fees and travel fees, while some families spend even more for services like personal trainers. 

Many places are still debating to eliminate pay-to-play, but the Boosters’ fundraising techniques have allowed Maple Valley to take that step and allow more opportunity for participation.

The football team at Maple Valley received iPads to help them with their plays. “With the iPads, they can record games, go back, and see what they can improve on,” said Gearhart of the iPads’ purpose. 

Having a visual aid to see how the students are doing can also help the coach find where their weakest and strongest points are and plan accordingly. 

The money the Boosters raise comes from two major fundraisers throughout the year. One of these fundraisers is the annual golf outing they organize, which usually takes place just before the start of the school year. Their other big fundraiser is the reverse raffle where attendees can help fundraise and also have the opportunity to win big! 

Gearhart encourages people to support the local businesses who have supported the schools and is grateful for their continued support as well. Keep an eye on the Maple Valley Athletic Boosters Facebook page for more fundraising events.